02/19/2008 Pre-Opening Tour

Game from Geauga Lake

Another look at the game from Geauga Lake

Some benches from Geauga Lake

A view of Octopus with no cars!

Another view of Octopus

Big Game Hunt Demo'd

Big Game Hunt again

Some old themeing from Big Game Hunt

Someone was obviously upset that the game went up in price...

Zulu without its cars!

Zulu again.

The Africa/Zulu bathroom

A Boomerang car

Say hi to "Bob" from Boomerang

Deja Vu under rehab.

Another look at Deja Vu.

Custer's with new shingles!

More new shingles.

The Patriot cars are taking their winter nap

A new Patriot wheel.

Would you like some cheese with that wheel?

Could we please get these wheel covers a blanket?

Good-bye old Toll Booth.

Hello New Geauga Lake toll booths!

The Ranger Station bathrooms get a rehab!

The ranger station bathrooms also appear to be growing in size.

More bathroom shots.

Mamba car, and new roof on the ticket booths.

Where are the ticket booths?

Here are the old ones...

Vacant space waiting for new "Gate Central"

New Propane tanks for ELI

Here's ELI's tender.

ELI gets a warm place to rest.

Jeff knows what these things are for.

Frontal shot, but no cow catcher.

Inside the boiler...