Big Game Hunt
1973 - Current

Located next to Zulu, Big Game Hunt is Africa's last original attraction. Today, known as simply Shooting Gallery, the principle has remained unchanged. Guests pay a small amount (around one dollar for 20 shots), to fire an infrared rifle at various targets. Usually, the targets will move, or make some kind of sound effect when "shot". The original attraction featured a large gorilla with a combination jungle/swamp theme, complete with Coke or Pepsi cans ( depending on the park sponsor at the time), a player piano, saloon sign, rabbit, skunk, and of course a sewing machine. In 2011, the attraction was heavily re-themed with new props, and a new name "shooting gallery". The gorilla and jungle theme was replaced by an old-west motif, however the saloon sign, piano, and sewing machine, still remain.

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