Floral Clock
1977 - 1996 (removed), 2018

The Floral Clock at Worlds of Fun is located in Africa, on the hillside directly between Casbah Games and Moulin Rouge. A botanical masterpiece, it was returned to the park after a twenty-year-plus hiatus. Today, the floral clock is both larger and more ornate than the original including a topiary sun and moon located to each side of the clock itself. Both the original and current version include a variety and annuals and perennials, along with incorporating a fully-functional time clock. For many years in the 70's, and 80's the individual month and day were displayed and changed with each calendar date, with each number and letter being formed by shrubbery grown in specialized forms to form the actual letters and numbers used. The process of daily changing the date on the clock was discontinued for many years possibly from the mid-80's until the mid 90's when the process was revived for a short period of time, until the floral clock was removed after the 1996 season. With the recreation of the floral clock in 2018 care was taken to replicate the original clock both in location (its in exactly the same location) and in design (which is also very similar) to the original.

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