Floral Clock
1973 - 1996?

The Floral Clock at Worlds of Fun was located in Africa, on the hillside directly between Casbah Games and Moulin Rouge. A botanical masterpiece, the clock was created with the use of annuals and perennials, and actually also functioned as a fully-operational time keeping device. For many years, the calendar date was changed on the clock every day, with the individual months and days being formed by shrubbery grown in specialized forms to form the actual letters and numbers used. The process of daily changing the date on the clock was discontinued for many years possibly from the mid-80's until the mid 90's when the process was revived for a short period of time. Like many small thematic elements, no one remembers the exact date that the floral clock was removed, but it is believed to be sometime following the 1996 season. For many years the location of the floral clock was easy to identify as though removed and covered by turf, the original curvature of the clock face was still visible.

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