Funicular/Silly Serpent
1973 - 1987

Manufacturer: Allan Herschell
All Time Maximum Capacity: 463 an hour

Funicular was one of Worlds of Fun's first coasters, and its first children's coaster located in the Europa section of the park, approximately where Falcon's Flight is today. Funicular was a small oval coaster manufactured by Allan Herschell of North Tonawanda, NY Funicular was displaced in 1979 when Le Carousel was added in its place, at that point Funicular was moved to Africa and re-named Silly Serpent. Silly Serpent was repainted from its original red to green and had a large fiberglass snake head and tail added to the train, at this point it was located directly across the midway from the Zulu. Silly Serpent was removed from the park following the 1987 season.

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