Gypsy Wagon
1973 - 1995

The Gypsy Puppet Wagon was a staple in the Scandinavia-midway for almost twenty-five years. As one of the many relics purchased from the 1970 MGM Backlot Auction (that also gave Worlds of Fun the more notable Cotton Blossom), it is often remembered for its show. The Gypsy Wagon was home to several live entertainment options over the years including Cheap Thrills (a colorful tropical bird show) from 1978-1984, and a street performer's show in the early 90's it is most often remembered, and rightfully so, for being home to DoLores Hadley's Marionette Show, La Famille (The Family). DoLores Hadley is a Kansas City institution in her own right, and at no place did she cement her stamp more than at Worlds of Fun. Hadley's marionettes became home to almost a half a dozen different locations throughout the park, including most notably the gypsy wagon in Scandinavia, but also Humpty's Haven, the Moulin Rouge, Flying Circus Theater and Nairobi Nigel's Pygmy Playhouse just to name a few. Though geared towards children, the shows were enjoyable for those of all ages, and older guests could also appreciate the true artistry behind the entertainment as each marionette was hand created by DoLores Hadley herself. Sadly, The DoLores Hadley La Famille show was discontinued in 1995, Dolores Hadley herself passed away only a few short years later in 1999.

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