1973 - 2010

Manufacturer: Bradley & Kaye
All Time Maximum Capacity: 324 an hour

Kopter was Worlds of Fun's first children's rides, and overall, probably one of its longest operating. Kopter opened with the park in 1973 located next to Baltic Bazaar and the Ski Heis Station, approximately where Fjord Fjarlene is today. It was a small ride with eight small helicopter-shaped cars built by Bradley & Kaye of Long Beach, Ca. Small riders would pull a handlebar lever to raise each kopter-car into the air as it circled a central hub. If that sounds familiar to another Worlds of Fun ride. Bounce-A-Roo's it's not inconsequential. In 1977, Kopter was moved out of Scandinavia and replaced by the Hampton Ride's Micro Moto Bahn. Kopter's cars were heavily refitted from helicopter-shaped to Kangaroos, and relocated to Europa and re-named Bounce-A-Roos. Bounce-A-Roo's was removed after the 2010 season.

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