The Safari
1973 - 1978t

Manufacturer: Arrow Development

Located in the African section of the park, The Safari is one of Worlds of Fun's shortest-lived rides, operating only five seasons from 1973 until 1978. Safari, like Le Taxi Tour allowed guests to ride in a self-propelled 2-seater "safari jeep", which like Taxis were manufactured by Arrow Development of Mountainview, Ca. As riders drove down their Safari path they would come across various fiberglass African animals, including a tiger, silver-backed gorilla, crane, and more. Due to its isolated nature, many riders would jump out of their jeep, which caused problems with ride safety and which in the end spelled the end for The Safari.

Some of the more interesting stories dealing with The Safari are not so much about the ride but the effects The Safari had on the park after its removal, in fact even today The Safari is not entirely gone. In 1979, The Zulu, a ride that still operates in the park replaced The Safari but continues to this day to use the same station. Safari Jeeps would exit the station and head under the train tracks and circle around the area that is now Prowler Plaza before returning to the station. The various fiberglass animals from The Safari have gone on to appear, disappear and then reappear in the park over the years, The giant silver-back gorilla is a popular photo spot in Africa even today. The cars themselves didn't entirely vanish either, though urban legend tells us that most were buried under Parking Lot K (because it wasn't original), a few survived topside, including at least one known to call Hunt Midwest Subtropolis home even today.

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