Scandi(a) Scrambler
1973 - Current

Manufacturer: ELI Bridge
Model Type: Scrambler
All Time Maximum Capacity: 790 an hour

Scrambler is often an overlooked original ride, but it like many others has been thrilling riders now for over forty years since it was also there operating on May 26, 1973. Unlike many original rides, Scrambler is 100% all American produced, manufactured by ELI Bridge of Jacksonville, Il. a company still in business, and also famous for its transportable Ferris Wheels. (of which Worlds of Fun also has its 16-car version). First produced in 1955 by ELI Bridge, Scrambler rides are staples of both traveling carnivals and fairs, as well as amusement and theme parks worldwide. It is easy to say that they are probably one of the most prolific amusement rides out there.

The easiest way to explain a Scrambler ride is as one that operates in an egg-beater like motion. Riders board one of 12, 2-3 seat cars, that sit in groups of three, on one of four arms situated around a central hub. When the hub begins to spin so do the arms, but the ride doesn't become airborne, allowing a slight thrill but one that is also fairly tame, making Scrambler a great starter thrill ride.

Most Scramblers come from the factory in their traditional ELI Bridge paint job (or lack of), stainless steel cars with the red and yellow ELI Bridge logo affixed to the door latch and back of each car. Most, over time, get painted, and so is the case with Scrambler at Worlds of Fun. Scrambler started life at the park in Scandinavia where it was named Scandia Scrambler (or Scandia Scramble). Things remained relatively unchanged for its first 25 years, until 1998 when Worlds of Fun did quite a bit of switching around. Octopus moved from Americana to Scandinavia replacing Scrambler, and Scrambler moved to Americana to the concrete pad previously occupied by Incred-O-Dome. Fascinatingly enough, it is believed that the park considered placing Scrambler inside the structure of the Incred-O-Dome but found it wouldn't fit, just barely. Scrambler was repainted purple and operated at its' out of the way location until 2014.

In 2015, with the removal of Octopus, Scrambler was moved back to its original home in Scandinavia, and given a massive refit with colored lights and new paint. It also received, well almost, its original themed name back, instead of Scandia Scrambler though it became Scandi Scrambler, of which it still currently operates as.

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