Red Baron/Pandam Airlines/Kiddy Hawk Airlines
1974 - Current

I often refer to Red Baron as the honorable mentions of original rides, since it was so close to being an original attraction. Red Baron was the park's first ride expansion attraction and along with The Forum was part of the first expansion overall. It started life in Scandinavia, across from where Fjord Fjarlene is today (which was at the time boat tank) and was manufactured by Bradley & Kaye rides, a company that would also manufacture the Barnstormer and Le Carousel. Like many of Worlds of Fun's older rides, Red Baron was moved in 1978 when Aerodrome was added, to the Aerodrome. It was replaced by a new children's ride, Micro Moto Bahn, an attraction that would in later years move to Camp Snoopy too, but would be removed in 2010 (it was later known as Road Rally).

Since its move in 1978, it has been located in exactly the same spot but has had to date, four different names. Starting in 1978 when it was known as Red Baron. In 1987 with the modification of Aerodrome to Pandamonium it was re-named Pandam Airlines, a nod to Pan Am Airlines a larger air carrier at the time. (which went out of business in 1991). In 1997, with the change over to Bearenstain Bear Country, Red Baron was renamed again to Kiddy Hawk Airlines. In 2001, with the introduction of Camp Snoopy, it was renamed BACK to Red Baron, but many ambassadors at the time took to calling it "Red Bacon" due to unusual germanic lettering-style of the ride's sign that made the "r" look like a "c" instead. Finally, in 2011 it was renamed to its current name, Snoopy vs. The Red Baron, however many still call it simply, Red Baron.

Due to its over 40 years in the park it like a few other children's rides in the park (notably Peanut's Yacht Club which is an original attraction from 1973), it has the truly astounding history in that it has now been ridden by three generations, meaning grandparents who themselves rode Red Baron as a child can now put their own grandchildren on the same ride... Pretty amazing.


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