Kinder Garden & Half Pint's Peak
1977 - 1986

Added in 1977 and located approximately where the current main gate is today, was the park's first section devoted to children's attractions. The lower area was known as "Kinder Garden" and was geared towards toddlers, including play equipment and small rides such as Micro Moto Bahn car ride. The upper area was known as "Half Pint's Peak" and included a large foam colored mountain (black in early years, yellow later on), Commando Climbing Nets and an overhead suspended bungee line known as Hang Glider. In 1978, Half Pint's Peak was expanded to include the new Humpty's Haven and puppet show along with Tot's Yachts, a circular boat tank ride. (moved to Pandamonium in 1991, it's still in Planet Snoopy today). The new Humpty's Haven featured an expanded children's play area and ball pit, along with a large 21-foot statue of the famous egg himself, bought by Lamar Hunt in October of 1977 after it was featured in the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.

In 1982, Viking Vheel, a miniature Ferris Wheel was added to Half Pint's Peak (which later became known as Head over Wheels when it was moved to Pandamonium in 1987). With the addition of Pandamonium in 1987, Half Pint's Peak and Kinder Garden were slowly dismantled, however, the last remnant of Half Pint's Peak, Micro Moto Bahn, remained in its original location until 1996, when it was finally moved to Bearenstain Bear Country in 1997.

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