Nairobi Nigel's Pygmy Playhouse

Nairobi Nigel's was a small puppet theater located in the African section of the park approximately where "Fool the Guesser" is today near Moroccan Merchant. As one of Worlds of Fun's briefest existing attractions, it operated only from 1977 until 1980, with puppets and skill provided by the famous DoLores Hadley herself. The star of the show was "Nairobi Nigel" an African explorer complete whom interacted with a cast of "pygmy" puppets, and performed 12 times a day for "tiny people". Since Casbah Games was added in 1981, it was most likely replaced during that refurbishment and expansion, it also was most likely was also not exactly "politically correct" as one look at the show title from 1977 "Oil's Well that Ends Well" alludes to. A famous resident of Nairobi Nigel's was Rudee the Orangutan who as a large puppet would interact with guests passing by.

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