Bamboozler (Singapore Sling/Whirligig)
1977 - Current

Manufacturer: Hrubetz
Model Type: Round Up
Maximum Height: 50 feet

Opening in 1977, as the Singapore Sling, and introduced in the Orient as part of the park's "There's Something New in Every World!" Sling, today is known as Bamboozler is the last attraction from 1977 that still operates in the park. Bamboozler today is what is known as a Hrubetz Round-Up, a common carnival-style ride. In Worlds of Fun's case, Bamboozler accommodates 42 riders, who stand around the perimeter of the ride, which spins and raises up to 50 feet in the air.

As mentioned, Bamboozler opened in 1977 known then as Singapore Sling, it was located in the exact same location as the Orient Express entrance would be located in three short years. In fact, the Singapore Sling queue-line entrance way was re-used for the Orient Express. In 1980 Singapore Sling was "kicked out" by Orient Express and was moved to Americana, near the previous location of Omegatron and ThunderHawk and was known as Whirligig. In 1984, with the movement of Oriental Octopus to the Aerodrome, Whirligig was again moved back to the Orient, but this time to its now current location and was renamed to its current name, Bamboozler. Interesting enough, Bamboozler today still is re-using the same queue house as the original inhabitant, Oriental Octopus.

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