Wobble Wheel
1977 - 1993

Manufacturer: Chance Rides
Model Type: Trabant
All Time Maximum Capacity: 834 an hour
Numbers of Seats: Forty

Wobble Wheel was one of four rides added in the 1977 season, with the tagline "There is Something New in Every World!" it was added to the Americana section right next to Screamroller, where Cyclone Sam's is today. Like Sam's Wobble Wheel was manufactured by Chance Rides of Wichita Ks. and what is referred to as a Trabant ride. Available from the manufacturer with a choice of a variety of themes, Worlds of Fun used the "Wagon Wheel" option, however, other varieties include Casino (Roulette Wheel), and Mexican Sombrero. Trabant's whatever their appearance might have been all operated in a similar manner, The ride, with twenty seats, begins to spin, tilts in the air and then rolls along its tilted axis. In an article from the Kansas City Star regarding the new attractions in 1977 accurately described Wobble Wheel as similar to a ride aboard a giant toy top. ("Park to Add Rides" Dec 19, 1976)

Wobble Wheel was removed from the park following the 1993 season, and its pad in 1994 sat empty with only a Ford display on its grounds. In 1995, Cyclone Sams was introduced, a very similar, updated version of the Trabant known as a Wipeout, also produced by Chance Rides. A very common misconception is that Cyclone Sam's IS Wobble Wheel, and while they are incredibly similar, Cyclone Sam's was a completely new ride. The major difference is that Sams features seats that face both backward and forwards, while on Wobble Wheel the seats only faced one direction.

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