1978 - 1986

Fly on over to the new Aerodrome, Worlds of Fun's 4th land expansion in its first five years of operation, the Aerodrome was located adjacent to the Americana section, and included land that is now occupied by Planet Snoopy. It was full of several new attractions, the star being the thrilling Barnstormer Bi-Plane ride by Bradley and Kaye, the second of three Barnstormer rides ever produced by the company. Also at home at the Aerodrome was the relocation of the Red Baron children's ride (also by Bradley & Kaye) from Scandinavia, to its present location today. In addition to rides, guests could go shopping at the quirky Great Waldo Crankshaft's Prop Shop, grab lunch at Lucky Lindy's Lunch Pad, a soft drink at the tiny Cockpit Coolers, or even see a delightful Dolores Hadley Marionette Show at the Flying Circus Theater. In the evening the Flying Circus Theater would switch from puppet show to disco-tech and become the Flying Cirus Disco.

It would only be one year later that Aerodrome would receive its first expansion in the way of the Wing Ding, an incredibly rare Eyerly Fly-O-Plane thrill ride, that had been purchased from the recently closed Fairyland Amusement Park. Wing Ding would only operate for two seasons and would be replaced in 1981 by the incredibly popular yellow colored, Incred-O-Dome Cinema 180 theater.

Only a few short years later, in 1983 Barnstormer would be removed, with operational problems blamed on high winds, in 1984 it would be replaced by the Octopus, which had been renamed Tailspinner. Also in 1983, Dolores Hadley would once again relocate this time to the Moulin Rouge, its occupancy at the Flying Circus would be filled by the then-famous Shirt Tales cartoon characters, who would call the theater, "Treehouse Hollow" until 1985 when they too would be replaced by Rainbow Brite. With the 1987 season, Aerodrome would be relegated to history alone, and replaced entirely by a new children's area, named Pandamonium!

To this day relics of Aerodrome remain. Red Baron, which was last moved in 1978 remains in the same location as it was placed when Aerodrome opened, and though it has been through a variety of name changes over the years, is now known by a variation of its original name, Snoopy vs. The Red Baron. The Bathroom in Planet Snoopy still retains its airplane hanger appearance it was originally given when it was built for the Aerodrome. The gift shop, Great Waldo Crankshaft's Prop Shop would also be renamed numerous times, and still stands today as it is currently used as the Family Care Center. Last but not least, Lucky Lindy's would also change names a few times, in the late 90's it would even be used briefly as the employee break area, and in 2003 would receive its final treatment when it was remodeled for "Magical House on Boo Hill". The structure would finally be demolished in 2015 to make way for the Planet Snoopy expansion and the ironically named, Beagle Bay Airfield ride.

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