Flying Circus Theater/Panda Pavilion
1978 - 1996

Flying Circus Theater was one of several major attractions that were added as part of the 3.5 acre Aerodrome expansion in 1978. Over the years it was used for a number of live shows, and was re-named and modified numerous times. When it first opened in 1978 it was home to the famous Dolores Hadley Marionette Show named "Sawdust and Sequins" which called the theater home until 1982. During the evening it was turned from marionette show theater to discotech and referred to as the Flying Cirus Disco.

In 1983, it was re-named for the first time to Tree House Hollow and was home to the then famous Saturday morning cartoon characters the Shirt Tales ("Shirt Tales Shenanigans"). In 1985 it was once again re-named to the Rainbow Pavilion and was home to the Rainbow Brite show for three more years. It was in 1987 that Aerodrome was finally replaced by a new kids area entitled Pandamonium, and in 1988 the theater was once again renamed to the Cabbage Patch Playhouse and featured the Cabbage Patch Kids. In 1989, the theater was re-named for the last time to Panda Pavilion and was home for at least two seasons to a show featuring PJ Panda, along with Sam, Grrrtrude and Dan'l Coon ("PJ's Panda Plan for the Planet"). In 1992, Dolores Hadley's Marionette Show returned for one season before returning back to the Gypsy Wagon in 1993. Finally, in 1993, the Panda Pavilion was home to the park's tropical bird show, "Fowl Play" which ran in the theater until 1996. In 1997, the theater was either heavily modified or replaced entirely to make way for the Bear Country Museum, which was later modified to its current incarnation as the Planet Snoopy Boutique and theater.

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