Humpty's Haven
1978 - 1986

Expanding on the 1977 addition of Half Pint's Peak to Scandinavia, Humpty's Haven was a children's playground added in 1978 that was highlighted by a tall statue of Humpty and his 21' foot tall castle originally created for the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. It was so popular as a children's attraction during that event that Lamar Hunt bought it in a charity auction in October of 1977. Humpty's Haven also included a spinning barrel called the Squirrel Cage, ball crawl and Climbing Nets. In 1979 Humpty's Haven would be expanded further with the addition of Humpty's Show Chateau a small puppet theater, with puppets provided by Dolores Hadley herself. With the addition of Pandamonium in 1987, Humpty was moved as well, but did not last long and was removed from the park permanently sometime in the early 90's.

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