Tot's Yachts/Snoopy's Yacht Club
1978 - Current

Clang, Clang, Clang, is what everyone remembers about Tot's Yachts, one of the minor additions for the 1978 season. A small, circular boat ride for children, Tot's Yachts was added to Scandinavia in 1978 replacing the Red Baron bi-plane ride that had been moved to Aerodrome the same season. It was located approximately where Fjord Fjarlene is today. Even with the addition of Pandamonium in 1987 Tot's Yachts, along with several other children's rides scattered through the park remained in its location in Scandinavia. It was finally evicted from its spot in 1991 when River City Rampage was moved from River City in Americana to Scandinavia and was re-named to Fjord Fjarlene.

Tot's Yachts wouldn't reappear in the park until two years later in 1993 when it was re-introduced into Pandamonium, which is it's current location to this day. In 2001 with the introduction of Camp Snoopy's Tot's Yachts was re-named to Peanut's Yacht Club and in 2011 with the modification to Planet Snoopy the ride was once again re-named to Snoopy's Yacht Club, a name it retains to this day.

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