Cedar Fair L.P.
Worlds of Fun's parent company. Cedar Fair L.P. has owned and operated Worlds of Fun since it was bought in 1995.
Worlds of Fun
Worlds of Fun and Ocean of Fun's official park website.
Cedar Point
The official park website for Worlds of Fun's sister park in Ohio, Cedar Point.
Dorney Park
The official park website for Worlds of Fun's sister park in Allentown Pennsylvania, Dorney Park.
Knott's Berry Farm
The official park website for Knott's Berry Farm, Worlds of Fun's sister park in Buena Park, CA.
Michigan's Adventure
The official park website for Michigan's Adventure, worlds of Fun's sister park in Muskegon, MI.
The official park website for Worlds of Fun's sister park in Shakopee, Minnesota.
Magic Springs
A small park located in Magic Springs, Arkansas. It is the most recent addition to the regions parks.
Six Flags St. Louis
The region's local Six Flags park. Located in St. Louis, Missouri.
Silver Dollar City
Missouri's finest theme park located in the magnificant foothills of Branson, Missouri.
Celebration City
Missouri's Newest Theme Park celebrates the different decades of the 20th Century.


Amusement Link One Source
The most complete directory of links to amusement parks, roller coasters, and amusement industry related sites to be found on the internet.
The first and only member-driven roller coaster website.
Coaster Community
A Kansas City-based site featuring park photos from across the country.
A collection of photographs from amusement parks across the country.
Midwest Info Guide
A website that offers continously updated news and photos for Missouri's and Iowa's amusement and theme parks.
Roller Coaster and Amusement Park News Group.
Roller Coaster Database
The most informative, concise database to roller coasters around the world.
Roller Coaster Tycoon
The official website for the Roller Coaster Tycoon.
The ultimate guide to Amusement Park rumors from across the globe.
Theme Parks Online
The Ultimate guide to Amusement Parks across the nation.
Theme Park Review
Pictures and information on several parks across the country.
ThrillNetwork provides a great place to communicate with other roller coaster and amusement park enthusiasts. They also have a great database of coasters and parks in the United States.
ThrillRide! covers news and rumors from parks across the globe, as well also offering Feature Storys and Designer Profiles.
Ultimate Roller Coaster
The ultimate guide for information regarding roller coasters and amusement parks. This site has many features including, up to date news, featured roller coaster information as well as a complete searchable database for roller coasters and amusement parks.


ACE Regional WebSite
The American Coaster Enthusiasts Area 18 website ran by Jeff Mast covers information on the regional parks located in Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas and Southern Illinois.
Alan's Worlds of Fun Website
A general Worlds of Fun site which features basic information about the entire park.
Dorney Park Online
A great website for information and news on Dorney Park.
The Guide to the Point
The ultimate unofficial guide to Cedar Point.
Physics Day at Worlds of Fun
A website covering detailed information on Worlds of Fun's yearly Physics Day activities.
Old KC.Com
Vintage photos of Kansas City Amusement Parks and other attractions.


Arrow Dynamics
Recently purchased by S&S Power, Inc. Arrow Dyamics as a company by itself left a very large mark on the amusement industry. Though they only have one last operating ride at Worlds of Fun, the Viking Voyager, Arrow Dyamics also was the company behind the Orient Express and the Screamroller/Extremeroller.
Bolliger & Mabillard
A Swiss-based engineering firm that revolutionized the modern steel coaster. Bolliger & Mabillard (known also as just B&M) manufactured the popular Patriot roller coaster at Worlds of Fun.
Chance Morgan
Two seperate companies until they merged a few years ago, Chance manufactured such favorites as the Finnish Fling (Rotor), Sea Dragon, Cyclone Sam's (Wipeout) and the Rockin' Reeler (Himilaya). Morgan only has one ride at the park, The Mamba.
ELI Bridge Company
Around for over a hundred years, Eli Bridge is famous for manufacturing some of the most popular amusement park rides ever. These include the Scrambler and Skyliner at Worlds of Fun.
Gerstlauer Amusement Rides
An amusement ride manufacturer based out of Germany. Gerstlaur is the manufacturer of Spinning Dragons added to Worlds of Fun in 2004.
Huss Rides
Based out of Germany, Huss Rides has manufactured three Worlds of Fun rides, the Fjord Fjarlene, The Zulu (Enterprise) and the latest, Thunderhawk (Top Spin).
Intamin manufactured Worlds of Fun's two most popular water rides, Fury of the Nile and the Monsoon.
S&S Sport Inc.
S&S was put on the map with its Space Shot rides, and its appropriate that Worlds of Fun is home to its first twin towered park installation, Detonator. They are also responsible for Detonator's smaller brother at Worlds of Fun, Woodstock's Airmail.
Vekoma International
Vekoma International, a Dutch manufacturing company produced the park's Boomerang roller coaster.
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