Le Taxi Tour

1973 - Present

Le Taxi Tour is an original ride to Worlds of Fun and is a ride the Entire family can Enjoy. Climb aboard an antique taxi which will take you and your passengers through a scenic yet quiet part of Europa. Up to four people can fit in a car, one driver and three passengers. The Driver can practice for a future trip to France because the steering wheel is on the right hand side of the Taxi. The ride usually lasts about four or so minutes, depending on how fast the driver drives! This is by far the most popular ride in Europa and is a classic.


• Location: Europa Section
• Rating: Mild
• Added: 1973
• Ride Length: 1800 feet
• Number of cars: 20
• Passengers per car: 2 - 4
• All time high Capacity: 1392 pph
• Current Avage Capacity: 400 pph
• Maximum Speed: 5 mph
• Manufacturer: Arrow Dynamics
• Type of Ride: Antique Car Ride
• Similar Ride: Antique Cars
• Height Requirement: 48 inches or accompanied by a responsible person
• Current Location: 0


This ride was almost demolished in 1995 to make way for a planned racing wooden coaster to be built by CCI for the 1996 season. However, both the plans to demolish the ride and to build a new wooden coaster where cancelled when Cedar Fair took the park over in July of 1995.


Worlds of Fun will let anyone drive a taxi as long as they are 48" or taller because there is a special safety rail mounted to the center of the track to always keep the car on course. These special "turn of the century" taxi cars run along this guided rail at speeds up to 5 miles per hour.

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