Fjord Fjarlane

1991 - Present

Fjord Fjarlane is a small, circular ride located near the park's entrance. Riders are swung around in a clockwise direction, while each of the 14 gondolas rise up to 26 feet into the air.


• Location: Scandinavia Section
• Rating: Moderate
• Added: 1991
• Number of gondolas: 14
• Passengers per gondola: 2-3
• Capacity: 1260
• Manufacturer: Meisho Rides
• Type of Ride: Prototype
• Similar Ride: Prototype
• Height Requirement: 48 inches or accompanied by a responsible person
• Current Location: 114


Many visitors to the park can't pronounce this ride's name. However, its name does have some significance to the Scandinavian theme. A fjord is a long and narrow inlet of the sea, located between steep cliffs. They are commonly found along the coasts of Norway, on the Scandinavian Peninsula.


This ride was introduced in 1982 as the River City Rampage. It was located in the River City section of the park, near where Patriot is today. When Beat Street was added in 1991, the Rampage was relocated to its current location, and was renamed to accompany the Scandinavian theme.

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