1976 - 1988

The Screamroller was originally added as part of the original Bicentennial Square in 1976. It was the fifth version of the now famous Arrow Corkscrew and included a 70 foot drop and two corkscrews. History was in the making when Worlds of Fun decided in 1983 to convert the Screamroller into the nation's first stand-up roller coaster, beating both PKI's King Cobra and SFSL River King Mine train to the title when it debuting in May of 1983. However, its fame was short lived since the conversion caused severe stress on the track and was finally converted back into a sit-down style roller coaster in mid-1984. The Extremeroller was removed at the end of the 1988 season to make room for the current Timberwolf.


• Location: Americana Section
• Rating: Aggressive
• Added: 1976
• Removed: 1988
• Highest Point: 70 feet
• Highest Drop: 70 feet
• Ride Length: 1250 feet
• Number of trains: 2
• Number of cars per train: 6
• Passengers per car: 4, train: 28
• Capacity: 1,800 pph
• Ride Time: 1:10
• Maximum Speed: 50 mph
• Manufacturer: Arrow Dynamics
• Type of Ride: Corkscrew
• Height Requirement: 48
• Current Location: 0


The Screamroller was unique in many respects even though it became a standard coaster built in many parks across the nation. Its claim to fame was its still desputed title as the nation's first stand up coaster. The Screamroller was renamed and converted into a stand up in early 1983 beating the River King Mine Train by only a few months and the PKI King Cobra by almost a complete year. Unfortunatly, since the Extremeroller was never designed as a stand-up it suffered from track stress and was reconverted back into a sit-down in mid-season 1984. As interesting is the fact that unlike most stand-ups built today with a small bicycle-like seat, the Extremeroller didn't offer its riders such convenience. It was in every sense of the word, one of the nation's only "true" stand-ups.

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