Built by Sky Fun 1, The Ripcord is one of many SkyCoasters built across the country, with others ranging from 100 feet all the way up to 300 feet in Florida. The basic premises of the Ripcord is free fall. Riders or Flyer's are hoisted up 180 feet in the air attached to the ripcord and two other cables. After they pull the ripcord they free fall 180 feet at speeds up to 80mph in a pendulum motion.

The RipCord was designed by Sky Fun 1 of Longmont Colorado. The first Skycoaster ride began running in 1994. At the time of completion at Worlds Of Fun, over 47 of Skycoaster rides had been added all over the globe. The Skycoaster has a perfect track record with an excess of over 1 million flights. Also, for the riders safety, all operators of the RipCord at Worlds Of Fun must have been trained and certified under supervision of Sky Fun 1, and the RipCord will be shut down in winds in excess of 30 mph or other threatening weather. There is still however costs for riding this ride. However, unlike popular myth it is not insurance, it is a fee payed as royaltys to the manufacturer for operation of the ride.

As said before, the Ripcord is a pay per extra ride. Prices are: $28.38 for one flyer, $23.04 EACH for two flyers, and $18.02 EACH for three flyers.

Also for the daring at heart the tallest SkyCoaster to date is built at Old Town in Kissimmee, Florida with a heart stopping drop of 300 feet!

Location: Americana
Year Introduced: 1996
Years at this Location: 1996 to present
Thrill Factor: Aggressive
Height Requirement: 48 "
Highest Point: 189 feet
Largest Drop: 189 feet
Maximum Speed: 80 mph
Passengers per per flight: 1-3
Manufacturer: Sky Fun 1
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