With over 180 acres of rides, shows, games and attractions, Worlds of Fun is one of the largest entertainment complexes in the Midwest. In this section you will be able to explore each of the five worlds that make up the park (Africa, Americana, Europa, Scandinavia and the Orient). Whether you want to learn more about the park's rides, find out when a show is performed or take a virtual ride on Mamba, this is the place. Now, carefully step into your car and once seated, fasten your safety belt. Keep your hands and legs inside the car all times, hold on tight and enjoy your ride.

Where would you like to begin your journey?

Tour of the Park - Take a virtual tour of the park. Ride rides, view shops and see shows just as if you were there.

Rides - Interested in the park's variety of scream machines? Get the stats for all five of the park's coasters, take a virtual ride or view our extensive ride gallery.

Shows - Take a peek at Worlds of Fun's line-up of live entertainment. Here you can find show times, theater information, cast lists and more.

Food/Merchandise - Visit one of the park's many shops and eateries. View menus, pricing and merchandise, all before you arrive at the park.

Multimedia - Take a virtual ride on Mamba or Timber Wolf or spend some time in the arcade.