King Tut's Homemade Fries

Restaurant Type: Snack Stand
Restaurant Location: Africa
Type of Food: Fries and Chili Dogs
Year Added: 2000
Year Removed: 2005

A snack stand located near Casbah Games, featuring fresh cut fries and chili dogs. All food is fried in peanut oil and is some of the best food in the park.

King Tut's Homemade Fries Menu

All menu items and prices subject to change without notice!
Fresh Cut French Fries

Large - $3.99
Add chili OR cheese - $.79

Small - $3.19
Add chili OR cheese - $.79

Chipotle Style Wraps
Giant Flour Tortilla, Rice, Black Beans, Choice of Meat, Salsa & Sour Cream

$5.49 Each


Soft Drinks

Small (16 oz) - $2.45
Medium (24 oz) - $2.89
Large (32 oz) - $3.19

Sport Quart - $5.59
Refill - $2.45

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