Pizza Patio

Restaurant Type: Counter Service
Restaurant Location: Europa
Type of Food: Pizza
Year Added: 1973
Year Removed: 2003

Pizza Patio is located in Europa directly across from Le Taxi Tour and is a counter service restaurant with a shaded patio. Pizza Patio serves pizza by the slice as well as whole 16" pizzas with three choices in toppings, cheese, pepperoni and sausage. Of some interest, Pizza Patio in its long life has had two other names. When it first opened in 1973 it was Le Poulet Bone, serving French Fried Chicken. It was later changed to Cafe International and then began serving its current fare of pizza. When Cedar Fair took over they renamed it once again to Pizza Patio.

Pizza Patio Menu

All menu items and prices subject to change without notice!
Garden $3.99

Kids Corner
Kids Meal $4.59
Comes with 1 slice of cheese pizza, 1 breadstick and a 12oz. kids drink.

Dessert Flavor Ice or Pudding Pouch - $1.99

Pizza by the Slice
Pepperoni or Sausage $3.29
Cheese $2.99

Whole 16" Pizza
Pepperoni or Sausage $16.99
Cheese $16.49

Meatball Sub $3.99

3 Breadsticks $2.59


Soft Drinks
16oz. (small) $2.39
24oz. (medium) $2.79
32oz. (large) $3.09

Sports Quart $5.19
Refill: $2.39

Other Beverages

Coffee - $1.39
Hot Chocolate - $1.39
Milk - $1.69

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