2016 Restaurants, Shops, and Games Page

Welcome to the Worlds of Fun Restaurants, Shops and Games Page. Almost every visitor comes to a park to ride the rides or to watch the shows. However, Worlds of Fun also includes several places to eat, games to play and many souvenir shops scattered through the park. All of Worlds of Fun, restaurants, shops and games are listed on this page according to park location. Click on any of the links below to find out more about each. Restaurant pages also include the full menu.



Hot Shots

Hot Shots features the amusement park classic group souvenir photos. They are taken soon after walking through the gate and may be picked up at the time you leave the park. Prices range from $7-$10.

Lockers & Stroller Rentals

Guests needing to rent a locker, stroller, wheelchair or electric scooter need look no further. Lockers and Stroller rentals can be found just to the left of the All Star's Grill.

Plaza Gifts

A great place to pick up a Worlds of Fun souvenir, t-shirt, stuffed animal and more. Located near the Scandinavian entrance (main) to the park.

The Lift

Completely remodeled for the 2009 season, The Lift will offers a great selection of merchandise for young adults.

Viking Voyager Photo

No souvenir is better then a photo of you and your friends having a good time at the park. Purchase a photo of you and your friends riding the Viking Voyager here.


Chicken Shack

Enjoy chicken and waffles, toppings, wings, and more at this patio cafe near Sea Dragon.

Chickie's and Pete's

This ESPN sports bar is located next to the Viking Voyager ride. Chickie's and Pete's signature menu items include their Philly Cheesesteaks and Crab Fries. This location also features HD tv's playing ESPN live as well as a pool table.

Lemon Tree Frozen Yogurt

Create your own frozen yogurt delight.

Nordic Nook

This small snack stand offers a wide variety of choices including Turkey Legs and Roasted Corn.

Norma's Funnel Cakes

Featuring made from scratch funnel cakes and elephant ears ranging in price from $4 - $6 depending on the topping.

Pizzo Pizza

A counter service restaurant serving personal pan pizzas, breadsticks and soft drinks. Prices range from $2 - $6.

Swedish Sipping Chalet

This small snack stand is located next to the Viking Voyager and offers cotton candy and frozen drinks.




After experiencing Dinosaurs Alive! take home a souvenir of your experience. Dinosaur plush, t-shirts and even fossils are available for purchase.

Mamba Photo

No souvenir is better then a photo of you and your friends having a good time at the park. Purchase a photo of you and your friends riding the Mamba here.

Moroccan Merchant

The Moroccan Merchant offers guests a variety of typical Worlds of Fun souvenirs as well as a few African souvenirs including animal figures.

Prowler Photo

Purchase a snapshot of your Prowler ride or stock up on Prowler labeled souvenirs.


Fool the Guesser

Have your weight, birthday month or age guessed. If you fool the guesser, you win a prize.

Goblet Toss

Players toss wiffle balls onto a table of goblets. To win, it must land on a colored goblet.

Lions Den

Toss a baseball and try to knock out on of the lions five "teeth" to win.

Mamba Ball

Toss a ball into a milk can and win.

Nairobi Nets

Have a good shot? Test your basketball freethrow skills and win a basketball if you score a basket.

Race to the Oasis

Guests use water pistols and race against other guests to the finish line.

Sahara Smash

Shooting Gallery

Originally know as Big Game Hunt, The Shooting Gallery is as the name implies a traditional shooting gallery It's a classic game that is becoming more and more rare in today's parks. This attraction should not be missed.

Wackey Wire


Auntie Annie's

Big Jack's Jungle Juice

Big Jack's Jungle Juice is a walk up snack stand featuring self-serve ICEE and soft drinks.

Coasters Midway Grill

An indoor counter service restaurant featuring hamburgers, fries, pizza, milk shakes and malts. Prices range from $3 - $20.

Gorilla Grill

A basic outside counter service restaurant featuring hamburgers, chicken strips, french fries and soft drinks.

Mummy's Yummys

Located in Africa, Mummy's Yummys is a small snack stand that serves pretzels, pickles on a stick, nachos and soft drinks. Prices range from $2 - $4.



Deja Vu

Everything under $5 each!


Coca-Cola Refresh Station

Paisano's Pizza

Serving Pizza by the slice, as well as garlic breadsticks.



Airbrush Artist

The Airbrush Artist booth is located as across from the Vittle Griddle in Americana. These artists personalize t-shirts, hats and other apparel.

Antique Photos

Did you ever want to know what you would look like as an wild west cowboy? Here, you can find out what you would have looked like by having a replica antique photo taken.


Here you can have a funny portrait of yourself or a friend drawn by one of the park's many caricature artists.

Front Street Emporium

Front Street Emporium in located as part of the Front Street Mall in Americana and is one of Worlds of Fun's largest souvenir shops. It features t-shirts, cups, stuffed animals and many other Worlds of Fun souvenirs.

Leather Treaty

Get your name engraved in a stylish leather wristband.

Patriot Landing

You've taken on Patriot now purchase your on-ride photo at Patriot's gift shop, Patriot Landing. The Landing also has a wide selection of other Patriot souvenirs including key chains, t-shirts, polo shirts, and more.

Peppermint Patty's

Located on Front Street in Americana, Peppermint Patty's offered guests a large assortment of bulk candy including gumballs, gummy bears and jellybeans as well as a selection of pre-packaged sweets.

Snoopy's Boutique

Peanuts and Snoopy hats, t-shirts, mugs, candy and more are available at Snoopy's Boutique. The true Peanut's fan will enjoy browsing through the wide variety of merchandise at one of the largest shops in the park.


Balloon Blast


The object of this game is to break one of the plates that have been lined up with a baseball. This game, like most, is not as easy as it looks.


Guess how fast you can throw a baseball at the Bull Pen and win.

Cat Whack

Test your fast ball by knocking down a certain number of cat figures.

Dead Ringer

Toss the rings and if they land around a Coke bottle, you win a prize.

Fire Fly

Free Throw

A basic basketball freethrow game. One of the only two in the park where you can win a full size basketball.

Frog Bog

Gun Ball

Joe Cool's Arcade

As Worlds of Fun's largest arcade, Joe Cool's Arcade features both a wide variety of arcade games, skeeball and a prize redemption center for high scorers.

Jump Shot

Test you Basket Ball skill by shooting a basket and winning a prize.

Milk Can


Ring Toss

Try to toss the ring over the neck of a Pepsi bottle.


Race against your friends to win. Guests roll balls up an alley in an attempt to get there "elephant" to win the race.

Slam Dunk

A smaller version of the basketball freethrow. Make a basket and win a prize.

Snoopy Golf

This miniature golf game has four skill and prize levels, making this game challenging for the novice to the advanced putter.

Soccer Challenge

Strike Zone

Thunder Ball

One of the most difficult games to win. Players must successfully toss a baseball into a milk can to win.

Tic Tac Box

Under the Sea

Whac A Mole


Battle Creek BBQ

Updated in 2009 Battle Creek BBQ is an indoor counter service restaurant that offers Texas-style barbeque. Diners can choose from ribs, brisket and pork to name a few.

Caribou Coffee

Guests can choose from a wide variety of fresh roasted coffee.


New in 2008 is Cinnabon Bakery located as part of the Front Street Shops. Stop by for a hot cinnamon roll or cinnabon stix.

Double Dip

Located in Americana, Double Dip is one of two ice cream choices you have in Americana (the other being Dippin' Dots). It also serves several flavors of Blue Bunny Ice Cream, Double Dip also serves root beer floats and sundaes.

Grandma's Funnel Cakes

Featuring made from scratch funnel cakes ranging in price from $4-$6 dollars depending on the toppings.

Gyro Express

Pronounced Yee-Ros, this favorite Greek food can be found next to Pizza Pier near the Americana fountain. Gyro Express offers both Beef or Chicken Gyro Sandwiches and Salads.

ICEE Mix it Up

No more just two standard ICEE Flavors, ICEE Mix Up offers almost a dozen different flavors that can be mixed together.

Pizza Pier

Pizza Pier is located adjact to the Sub Shop and serves pizza by the slice and whole 16" pizzas, with three choices of toppings. Prices range from $2.50-$8


Though offering a limited menu, this food service establishment offers delicious subway sandwiches. Be aware that a foot long in the park will run more then $5 though, they are $10 in the park.

Vittle Griddle

Vittle Griddle is a basic fast food counter service restaurant that serves hamburgers, chicken strip baskets, fries, salads and soft drinks. Prices range from $2-$5

Wet Yer Whistle

This small snack stand is located next to Country Junction Theater.




Here you can have a funny portrait of yourself or a friend drawn by one of the park's many caricature artists.

Rickshaw Richard's Imports

Located in the Orient, Rickshaw Richards is one of the few shops to still carry some kind of themed merchandise. This shop features nautical themed merchandise as well as wood crafted items.


Coca-Cola Freestyle

Two soda fountains available with over 100+ different beverage options.

Pagoda Soda

Right across from Spinning Dragons is this small snack stand which carries soft serve cones, nachos and soft drinks.

Panda Express

Replacing Rangoon Refresher in 2007 is Panda Express. Serving the same popular Orange Chicken and and Crab Rangoon as most other chain Panda Express locations, the location at Worlds of Fun does have a somewhat limited menu. Entrees are approximately $7.00 each