2011 will see a little bit of something new and a little bit of something old, it will also be an unprecedented year for families at the park.

Worlds of Fun is unveiling two new major attractions for 2011. First announced is the renovation of Camp Snoopy into the brand new Planet Snoopy. Originally envisioned as a $5 million addition it has since its release in August ballooned up to a $6 million dollar addition. Its a good precedent to set when it seems like every other company is cutting their budgets. New rides to Planet Snoopy will feature the a family-style spinning and rocking boat ride, (Zamperla Rockin' Tug), a miniature hot air balloon ride, spaceship-themed elevated car ride, mini-whip and a miniature spinning tea cups ride to name a few. There will be a total of 7 new rides, of which 6 will allow parents and children to ride together!

Continuing the family-oriented addition, Worlds of Fun will also be adding a new family care center. Though no official details have been announced, it appears that it will feature a area for families of young children to relax, nurse, change diapers, and other necessities. It will most certainly prove to be a welcome addition for families with young children! It will be located at the present location of Launchpad Gifts.

Planet snoopy will see the unveiling of seven new rides, with several suited for children and their parents alike. It will also see the removal of two older rides from the previous Camp Snoopy, Road Rally and Turn Tyke.

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