2016 Worlds of Fun Rides and Attractions

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Finnish Fling

Finnish Fling is a small ride located in Scandinavia. Guests are left stuck to the wall of the ride by centrifugal force, while the floor is then dropped from beneath their feet.

Fjord Fjarlane

Fjord Fjarlane is a small, circular ride located near the park's entrance. Riders are swung around in a clockwise direction, while each of the 14 gondolas rise up to 26 feet into the air.

Grand Carrousel

Manufactured almost fifty years before Worlds of Fun opened, the grand carousel is truly a grand attraction. Offering riders a choice of over 64 meticulously hand-carved horses (or a chariot for those inclined). the grand carousel is a perfect ride for visitors both young and old.


The Scrambler is a very moderate ride that moves in a circular "egg beater" motion while staying plane with the ground. It is a very enjoyable and mild ride.

Sea Dragon

A traditional ride found in many amusement parks, this swinging ship is modeled after a large Viking boat. The entire boat swings up to 50 feet into the air, and at its highest point leaves many riders almost perpendicular to the ground.

Viking Voyager

Viking Voyager is one of the original rides that opened with the park in 1973, and is a basic flume ride consisting of Viking-themed boats that wind their way through the treetops. The ride concludes with a 40-foot plunge into a lagoon.


Steadman Plaza

Monument to the man who made Worlds of Fun possible, Jack Steadman!


Roller Coasters


Boomerang propels riders both forwards and backwards. Riders are lifted up a 125-foot lift hill and dropped at 50 mph. The train then travels through 3 inversions and up another 125-foot hill before doing it all again backwards.


As the largest expansion to date, Mamba takes riders on a mile-long journey along the southern border of the park. This state-of-the-art scream machine includes a 205 foot drop and reaches speeds of 75 miles per hour.


Added in 2009 is Prowler, a beast of a coaster. Standing 85 feet tall with a total 102-feet in total elevation change, Prowler offers a unique experience for riders as its second wooden coaster in the park's history.


Fury of the Nile

As one of Worlds of Fun's most popular rides, Fury of the Nile takes riders on a five minute journey down the Nile River in the park's African section. During the experience, riders encounter waterfalls, rapids and geysers that are bound to soak unsuspecting guests.


This 50-foot tall water ride joins Worlds of Fun with its sister park, Oceans of Fun. Guests experience a 50-foot drop into a 425,000 gallon lagoon, creating a large splash that drenches both riders and onlookers gathered on a bridge above the lagoon.


Zulu is a high intensity thrill ride that not only spins riders through the air, but while doing so also raises them up to 60 feet in the air, to were riders are almost perpendicular to the ground.


Dinosaurs Alive!

Dinosaurs Alive! invites guests to journey back to the prehistoric era. Life-size and Scientifically accurate animatronics include the towering sauropod, Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus Rex. Dinosaurs Alive is a pay-extra attraction.




Almost every amusement park in existance has a bumper car ride, and Worlds of Fun is no exception. The Autobahn is Worlds of Fun's Bumper Car ride and features a handful of brightly colored electric cars.

Flying Dutchman

The Flying Dutchman is also an original ride to the park. Most people consider this ride a mild ride that an entire family would enjoy. It is a very basic spinning ride with boat shaped gondolas that rotate through the air.

Le Carrousel

The carousel is a staple attraction for all amusement parks. Le Carrousel is Worlds of Fun's classic carousel and is located in the park's Europa section.

Le Taxi Tour

An original ride to Worlds of Fun, Le Taxi Tour is a traditional family ride composed of turn of the century model cars that resemble French taxis. This is a relaxing ride where you can enjoy the peace and quiet as you ride throughout the French countryside.


Roller Coasters


Worlds of Fun introduced Patriot in 2006 as the park's 6th coaster and still largest investment to date. The Patriot is designed by Bolliger & Mabillard of Switzerland.

Timber Wolf

Added in 1989, Timber Wolf was Worlds of Fun's first wooden coaster. This Out and Back wooden coaster thrills riders with a 95 foot drop, 540-degree helix and plenty of air-time.


Camp Bus

Children as well as parents can climb aboard the Camp Bus, one of Worlds of Fun's mini thrill rides. The ride, located in Camp Snoopy, takes riders up, down and all around.

Charlie Brown's Wind-Up

Charlie Brown's Wind-Up is a small, circular swing ride for children. As the ride spins in a clockwise direction, the seats swing outward.

Cosmic Coaster

This is Worlds of Fun's one and only children's roller coaster. It is located just past the entrance to Planet Snoopy and is one of the most popular rides for kids.

Cyclone Sam's

Cyclone Sam's is a high speed circular ride enclosed within what looks to be an old, deteriorating barn. Riders begin their experience with a video simulation. After boarding the ride itself, riders experience being in the vortex of a cyclone. Lightning, thunder and wind are all simulated.


Detonator is a twin tower 'Space Shot' designed by Sports Power Inc. Riders are shot 180 feet into the air at 45 miles per hour. Once at the the top, riders experience a moment of weightlessness, then free fall back to earth.

Flying Ace Balloon Ride

Riders of all ages will enjoy this leisurely balloon ride! At 40 feet in height it is also the tallest ride in Planet Snoopy and should offer excellent views of the entire park.

Kite Eating Tree

The Kite Eating Tree provides little ones with the thrills of the park's Detonator in a scaled down version. Riders are shot up 19 feet. The car then bounces up and down slowly until it reaches the platform below. Riders even experience a moment of weightlessness.

Linus' Beetle Bugs

Linus' Beetle Bugs is a small circular ride located in Camp Snoopy. The ride is your basic circular children's ride and consists of six beetle-shaped cars.

Lucy's Tugboat

Set sail for adventure aboard this fun ride for all ages. This tugboat ride combines a rocking and whirling motion to provide a mild thrill.

Peanuts 500

A new take on a another classic ride, the Peanuts 500 allows parents and children to ride their own stock car together. The miniature stock cars "whip" riders quickly around a miniature race course.

Peanuts Road Rally

Both little ones and parents together can enjoy this quick jaunt around Planet Snoopy on a pint-sized 4X4 truck

Peanuts Yacht Club

The Peanuts´┐Ż Yacht Club is a small circular boat ride in Camp Snoopy. While riding, children can ring the boat's bell and steer the wheel.

Sally's Swing Set

A mild ride for children and parents alike, Sally's Swing Set takes riders back to a comforting ride on the front porch swing.


Skyliner is Worlds of Fun's ferris wheel. With the addition of Patriot, Skyliner now gives a spectacular view of the ride, as well as a good view of the entire park.

Snoopy vs. Red Baron

Snoopy vs. Red Baron is a children's bi-plane ride. The ride consists of eight miniature bi-planes that fly around in circles. Riders can control the height of the planes with a control handle.

Snoopy's Rocket Express

A relatively unique ride, parents and children can climb aboard their own rocket and take an aerial tram ride over Planet Snoopy.


Towering 301 feet in the air, 100 feet over Mamba, Ripcord and Detonator, riders will literally spread their wings and take flight. SteelHawk offers a 60 second exhilarating ride, that is both thrilling and can be enjoyed by families together.

Turn Tyke

Turntyke is a small circular ride for children and is located in Planet Snoopy.

Woodstock Whirlybirds

Both children and parents can take a spin on this mini tea cup ride. For parents who lack a strong stomach small tykes can spin their "birds nests" to their hearts content all by themselves too.

Worlds of Fun Railroad

The Worlds of Fun Railroad is a traditional train ride with an actual steam powered locomotive named "Eli". It takes riders on a ten minute trip through most of the park.


Planet Snoopy

New for 2011 is an $8 million expansion of Camp Snoopy into the brand new Planet Snoopy! Complete with 18 total rides, of which over half can be enjoyed by parents and children together. Entrance to Planet Snoopy is included with a regular Worlds of Fun admission ticket.

Family Care Center

Located at the entrance to Planet Snoopy the Family Care Center provides a quiet place to refresh from the day for families. Mom's can change diapers, feed baby in a private room or just relax with small children in the air conditioning.

Peanuts Playhouse

This large interactive ball play area lets guests interact with numerous kid-friendly mechanisms such as blasters, catapults, vacuums, and buckets to dump and propel thousands of foam balls around this enclosed play area.


The RipCord is one of Worlds of Fun's pay extra attractions, but for many people it is well worth the extra price since it is one of the most thrilling rides in the park. The basic premises of this ride is free fall. Riders are hoisted up 180 feet and after pulling the ripcord free fall in a pendulum motion 180 feet at speeds reaching 80 mph!

Snoopy's Moon Bounce

Snoopy's Moonwalk is a large inflatable air mattress resembling the famous beagle himself. Children can jump, run and play inside. However, socks must be worn while inside.


Roller Coasters

Spinning Dragons

Added in 2004, Spinning Dragons is a great family roller coaster that sends riders on a quick and fun roller coaster ride. There is also a unique twist to the ride as the four-seat cars also spin independently as well!



Bamboozler is a large circular ride, commonly referred to as a Round-Up. Riders stand around the ride's perimeter and are left stuck to the wall as the ride spins and raises in the air.