Snoopy vs. Red Baron

2011 - Present

Snoopy vs. Red Baron is a children's bi-plane ride. The ride consists of eight miniature bi-planes that fly around in circles. Riders can control the height of the planes with a control handle.


• Location: Americana Section
• Rating: Childrens
• Added: 2011
• Number of Planes: 8
• Passengers per Plane: 2
• Manufacturer: Herschell
• Type of Ride: Kids Circular Lifting Ride
• Height Requirement: Between 32inches and 54inches to ride.
• Current Location: 0


This ride has had a long history and SIX different names. It originally debuted in 1974 in Scandinavia as the Red Baron Biplane Ride, making it the park's first ever new attraction. In 1978 it was moved to the the Aerodrome and its name was shorted to simply Red Baron. When Pandemonium! replaced the Aerodrome in 1987 Red Baron was re-painted and renamed Pand-Am Airlines. Again in 1997 when Bearenstein Bear Country replaced Pandamonium!, Red Baron received yet another new name, Kiddyhawk Airlines.
2001 saw the re-themeing again of the section this time to Camp Snoopy and Kiddyhawk Airlines returned to its original name Red Baron. Finally, in 2011 with Planet Snoopy replacing Camp Snoopy this small kiddy ride received its sixth new name, today known as Snoopy vs. Red Baron.

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