Welcome to Scandinavia. Scandinavia is the first stop on your tour. This land of Vikings and Sea Monsters is also home to the Tivoli Music Hall, All-Stars Grill and three of Worlds of Fun's original rides.

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Grand Carrousel

Manufactured almost fifty years before Worlds of Fun opened, the grand carousel is truly a grand attraction. Offering riders a choice of over 64 meticulously hand-carved horses (or a chariot for those inclined). the grand carousel is a perfect ride for visitors both young and old.

Nordic Nook

This small snack stand offers a wide variety of choices including Turkey Legs and Roasted Corn.

Baltic Bazaar

The Baltic Bazaar is located near the park's entrance and is home to three different shops including Hot Shots, Lemon Tree Frozen Yogurt and Norma's Funnel Cakes.

Plaza Gifts

A great place to pick up a Worlds of Fun souvenir, t-shirt, stuffed animal and more. Located near the Scandinavian entrance (main) to the park.

Lockers & Stroller Rentals

Guests needing to rent a locker, stroller, wheelchair or electric scooter need look no further. Lockers and Stroller rentals can be found just to the left of the All Star's Grill.

Chickie's and Pete's

This ESPN sports bar is located next to the Viking Voyager ride. Chickie's and Pete's signature menu items include their Philly Cheesesteaks and Crab Fries. This location also features HD tv's playing ESPN live as well as a pool table.

Pizzo Pizza

A counter service restaurant serving personal pan pizzas, breadsticks and soft drinks. Prices range from $2 - $6.

Fjord Fjarlane

Fjord Fjarlane is a small, circular ride located near the park's entrance. Riders are swung around in a clockwise direction, while each of the 14 gondolas rise up to 26 feet into the air.

Steadman Plaza

Monument to the man who made Worlds of Fun possible, Jack Steadman!

The Lift

Completely remodeled for the 2009 season, The Lift will offers a great selection of merchandise for young adults.

Viking Voyager

Viking Voyager is one of the original rides that opened with the park in 1973, and is a basic flume ride consisting of Viking-themed boats that wind their way through the treetops. The ride concludes with a 40-foot plunge into a lagoon.

Viking Voyager Photo

No souvenir is better then a photo of you and your friends having a good time at the park. Purchase a photo of you and your friends riding the Viking Voyager here.

Swedish Sipping Chalet

This small snack stand is located next to the Viking Voyager and offers cotton candy and frozen drinks.

Tivoli Music Hall

The Tivoli Music Hall has been home to many shows since its opening in 1973. Currently it is home to Let the Good Times Roll.

Chicken Shack

Enjoy chicken and waffles, toppings, wings, and more at this patio cafe near Sea Dragon.

Finnish Fling

Finnish Fling is a small ride located in Scandinavia. Guests are left stuck to the wall of the ride by centrifugal force, while the floor is then dropped from beneath their feet.


The Scrambler is a very moderate ride that moves in a circular "egg beater" motion while staying plane with the ground. It is a very enjoyable and mild ride.

Sea Dragon

A traditional ride found in many amusement parks, this swinging ship is modeled after a large Viking boat. The entire boat swings up to 50 feet into the air, and at its highest point leaves many riders almost perpendicular to the ground.

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