Take a trip back to August 1971 and witness the beginning of a long Kansas City tradition being constructed along a dirt road in northern Clay county, Missouri.

The idea of an internationally themed park was the idea of Lamar Hunt and Hunt-Midwest Enterprises. Randall Duell designed the park as a trip around the world based on Jules Verne's book, Around the World in Eighty Days.

On May 26, 1973 the park opened its gates to the public and boasted over 40 new and exciting things to do. Since then, the park has established a name for itself through its rides, shows, attractions and especially its history. On these pages you will be able to journey back in time and visit the park during its glory days. Enjoy.

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Historical Summary - Journey through three decades of Worlds of Fun history.

Past Attractions - The gone but not forgotten rides, shows and attractions of Worlds of Fun's past.

Timeline - View a timeline of Worlds of Fun history.

Publications - Take a look at park brochures, maps and booklets from yester year.