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Worlds of Fun Past Rides and Attractions

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Roller Coasters


Take a trip to the ski slopes on this compact roller coaster called Schussboomer. Located in Scandinavia, this family roller coaster had small, four passenger cars that traveled through nearly 2,000 feet of track.



Octopus consists of six arms, each containing four cars. As the entire ride rotates, each arm moves in an upward/downward fashion, and each of the 24 cars freely spin with the ride's movements.

Ski Heis

Ski Heis was the Scandinavian name for Worlds of Fun's sky cable ride. The ride took guests on an aerial trip over the park. The ride had two stations, one in Scandinavia and the other in Americana (Sky Hi).

Viking Vheel

Viking Vheel was added to Scandinavia for the 1982 season, and was a pint-sized ferris wheel for small children. In 1987, it was moved to Americana and re-named Head over Wheels (a name it held for the majority of its existance). Head over Wheels was removed at the end of the 2010 season.


Humpty's Haven

Part of the the Half Pint's Peak children's section, Humpty's Haven included a puppet show as well as many other interactive attractions for children.

Alpine Petting Zoo

An original addition to the park, this was a small petting zoo for children located in Scandinavia.

Gypsy Wagon

The Gypsy Wagon was home to Delores Hadley's Marionette Show. This classic "puppet" show was a unique attraction to Worlds of Fun and was enjoyed by guests of all ages. The Marionette Show played at Worlds of Fun from 1973 until it was discontinued in 1995.

Half Pint's Peak

Half Pint's Peak located in Scandinavia was the children's area at Worlds of Fun during the late 70's and early 80's.

Victrix Firing Range

The Victrix was originally one of Worlds of Fun's original trio of ships. It was located in Scandinavia and in its early years, served as an actual Firing Range.


Roller Coasters

Silly Serpent

Silly Serpent was a small children's roller coaster located in Africa. It had dark green track with a bright green train that resembled a snake.

Zambezi Zinger

Zambezi Zinger was Worlds of Fun's long lasting family coaster. It featured a unique spiral lift and concluded with a trip through a tunnel.


The Plunge

The Plunge was a set of high-speed water slides located in Africa. Riders could choose between either the rides two speed slides or two enclosed serpentine slides.

The Safari

The Safari was a car ride, quite similar to the Le Taxi Tour. It took riders through a simulated jungle complete with (fake) wild animals. It was removed in 1978, prior to the addition of the Zulu, which now uses the Safari's original Queue House.


Floral Clock

The Floral Clock was the landscaping floral masterpiece of the African section and Worlds of Fun.

Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights

Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights premiered in 2010. Combining over 2 Million LED lights into a fantastic light display themed to the famous Peanuts characters It is an attraction not to miss. Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights operates daily from June-September, from sunset to park closing.




Bounce-A-Roos is the last children's ride to still be located outside of Kiddy Kingdom. It is a basic circular ride. Riders ride in oversized kangaroo shaped cars which can be raised or lowered by pulling on the handle bar.


Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights

Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights premiered in 2010. Combining over 2 Million LED lights into a fantastic light display themed to the famous Peanuts characters It is an attraction not to miss. Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights operates daily from June-September from sunset to park closing.


Roller Coasters


The Screamroller was added in 1976 as an early version of the famous Arrow Corkscrew. In 1983 it was renamed to the Extremeroller(EXT) and converted into the nations first stand-up roller coaster.

Wacky Worm

This is Worlds of Fun's one and only children's roller coaster. It is located just past the entrance to Planet Snoopy and is one of the most popular rides for kids.



Added as part of the new Aerodrome the Barnstormer took riders on a thrilling circular aerial ride at heights of 100 feet with frequent drops of up to 60 feet.

Either Oar

On Either Oar, children can paddle their own kayak through a small water course in Kiddy Kingdom.

Head Over Wheels

Head over Wheels was a scaled down ferris wheel for small children. It was added in 1982 to the scandinavia section of the park where it was known as Viking Vheel. It was moved to Americana in 1987 and moved to its last location across from Wacky Worm in 1996. It was removed after the 2010 season.

Krazy Kars

Krazy Kars is a miniature version of the Autobahn. These bumper cars are for younger Worlds of Fun guests.


Omegatron was a six story tall, looping, thrill ride located in Americana. Riders were turned upside down and all around before returning back to ground level.

Peanuts Ponies

Peanuts Ponies (originally Pony Promenade) originated in Americana and was moved in 1998 to Kiddy Kingdom (now Planet Snoopy). This circular ride for children consists of miniature ponies for children to ride.

Road Rally

Road Rally was a small circular car and motorcycle ride. Originally named Micro Moto Bahn, it was added to the Scandinavia section of the park in 1978. It was moved (and re-named) in 2001 to Camp Snoopy, and removed at the end of the 2010 season.

Rockin' Reeler

Rockin' Reeler was removed after the 2005 season. It was located on Beat Street in Americana and was a high speed, circular ride consisting of several dips and turns.


The Scrambler is a very moderate ride that moves in a circular "egg beater" motion while staying plane with the ground. It is a very enjoyable ride and is a good family ride.

Sky Hi

Sky Hi was the Americana name for Worlds of Fun's sky cable ride. The ride took guests on an aerial trip over the park. The ride had two stations, one in Americana and the other in Scandinavia (Ski Heis).

Snoopy's Junction

Snoopy's Junction is a small train ride for children and is located in Planet Snoopy.


This thrilling ride tumbles riders through the air. The single 40-passenger car swings in a pendulum motion, completing complete 360-degree loops. This all occurs as riders reach heights of up to six stories above the midway.

Wing Ding

Riders could enjoy a thrilling ride as they could flip their own plane as the ride would spin.

Wobble Wheel

Wobble Wheel was a basic spinning flat ride added in 1977. It moved in a circular pattern while being elevated from the ground.



The Aerodrome was Worlds of Fun's first attempt to create a new themed land. It featured several attractions that were themed around 'flight' and was located where Planet Snoopy resides today.

Bearenstain Bear Country

Removed for the addition of Camp Snoopy in 2001, Bearenstain Bear Country was a great place for the younger kids to play. Here you could dig up dinosaur fossils, visit the club house or even wander around the Bear Museum

Bicentennial Square

Added in 1976 to celebrate the nation's 200th birthday, Bicentennial Square is a small area in Americana which includes Timber Wolf, ThunderHawk, Game Street USA, Uncle Sam's Skeeball Hall and New Funtier Arcade.

Camp Snoopy

Camp Snoopy provides families a chance to experience the Peanuts comic in person. Guests can have their photo taken with Snoopy and Charlie Brown or take a ride on one of the many rides for children and adults alike.

Cotton Blossom

The Cotton Blossom was much more then just another attraction, it was a Worlds of Fun landmark. The Cotton Blossom was made famous as the model used in the 1951 MGM classic "Show Boat". While at Worlds of Fun the Cotton Blossom was home to many attractions, including a Dixieland band in 1973, the Paddle Wheel Cafe, Spittin' Image and the Cotton Blossom Gift Shop.

River City

One of Worlds of Fun's several area additions, River City included a shopping area as well as the River City Rampage ride.

Bear Family Tree House

This life-size tree house comes straight from the pages of the Bearenstain Bear children's books and is home to the Bearenstain Bear family.

Cyclone Sadie's Saloon

This attraction has had three names the first being "Ninth Street Incline", it was then renamed "The Great American Disaster" in 1976 and finally named "Cyclone Sadies Saloon" in 1980. It was a well remembered fun house located in Americana exactly where Cyclone Sadies Antique Photo is today.

Flying Circus Theater

Located in the Aerodrome section of the park, The Flying Circus Theater was home to a variety of Delores Hadley's creative marionette shows.

Grand Prix Raceway

Grand Prix Raceway is a quarter-mile go-cart track featuring formula-one style racers. It is located on Front Street in Americana and is a seperate fee attraction.


On the hot days the Incred-O-Dome was a popular cool spot. Audiences had the unique 180 degree viewing experience that would fill their entire peripheral vision and make them believe they where experiencing everything from a wild roller coaster ride to ride through the city streets in a runaway car.

Kiddy Kingdom

Kiddy Kingdom is located adjacent to Berenstain Bear Country and is home to all but two of Worlds of Fun's childrens rides.


Pandemonium was the children's area located in Americana that included many children's rides and attractions and was named after its mascot, PJ Panda.

Pigpens Sand Box

Sally's Dance Studio

This small dance studio is a small building full of curved mirrors and complete with a disco ball.

Snoopy Bounce

Snoopy Bounce is a large inflatable air mattress resembling the famous beagle himself. Children can jump, run and play inside.

The Rock

The latest of Worlds of Fun's pay extra attractions is The Rock, a climbing wall owned and operated by WallNuts. WallNuts charges a seperate fee to climb the rock, $5 for one climb and $8 for two climbs.

The Trams

Your first ride of the day begins one of the trams that take you from the parking lot to the front gate.

U.S.S. Henrietta

The U.S.S Henrietta was at one time one of Worlds of Fun's three ships. It was the first of the three that visitors encounted as it served as the entrance to Worlds of Fun. Its model was based off of the U.S.S. Henrietta in "Around the World in Eighty Days" by Jules Verne, the book Worlds of Fun was based on.


Roller Coasters

Orient Express

Orient Express was a unique, steel looping coaster built by Arrow Dynamics. It took riders on a thrilling journey through the park's Orient section.


Orient Gate

What many would consider unremarkable, this red two posted "Torri Gate" was a unique piece of the Orient Section's theme that was both the physical division between Americana and the Orient as well as a delightful piece of scenery.