When Worlds of Fun opened in 1973, it opened not as the only amusement park in Kansas City, but having to deal with competition from a competing Fairyland Park in Southern Kansas City. However, even when Worlds of Fun opened all those 35 years ago the ground was already laid for it to become a park like Kansas City had never seen. It boasted one of the best and fastest roller coasters in the world at that time, the Zambezi Zinger. Not only one roller coaster called this park home at its opening either! It was also home to the long gone Schwartzkopf creation, better known as a Wildcat, The Schussboomer in Scandinavia. Visitors to this amazing theme park could take a trip through the African jungles in The Safari, or plunge down through Scandinavia's rapids on the Viking Voyager. Or if thrills where not what you where wanting you could always take a leisurely flight over the World in the famous air car ride the Sky Hi, watch the Worlds of Fun dolphin duo perform in the Orient, or do a little shopping and catch a bite to eat on the boat of "Show Boat" fame, the Cotton Blossom. Worlds of Fun combined the thrills of an amusement park, and so much more in its detailed themed journey around the world.

As 1973 gradually crept into 1974, Worlds of Fun would top off its first year with the addition of an new amphitheater named The Forum; which would hold 4,100 people and in its years be host to some of the greatest musicians of the United States. Many memories where were made here in the early years and many today as well. 1975 slide by with not much change except for the addition of a magic show and then came 1976, what a year that was! Thanks to the addition of the 5th version of the Arrow Corkscrew, named the Screamroller, Worlds of Fun would have its first taste at fame in a few short years. Where the thirteen star flag waved proudly over the new Bicentennial Square and the Brass band played John Phillip Sousa marches all day and for one day you could escape from life.

As the late 70's rolled into the disco era Worlds of Fun would grow by the additions of some of the still notable rides, the Singapore Sling (Bamboozler) and the late Wobble Wheel. Worlds of Fun would expand its version of Scandinavia by adding Half Pint's Peak and later Humpty's Haven, a playground for the children who would later be known as Generation X. These additions of the late 70's would give us our first memories of petting zoo's and rides high above the park in the Ski Heis. Also added was the short lived Narobi Nigel’s Pygmy Playhouse in Africa.

As 1978 came into reality, and the rocky 80's were only a step away, Another short lived Worlds of Fun scheme was born, the first sixth “world” named The Aerodrome was added to Americana. While playing with America's love of flying they added the short lived, but definitely thrilling Barnstormer Biplane ride. 1978 was also the start of another Worlds of Fun tradition, the removal of old rides. 1978 spelled disaster for The Safari, as it was scheduled for addition to history alone. 1979 passed silently almost as a vigilante to the coming year 1980. The addition of the still terrifying Zulu marked the passing to what would be a definite Worlds of Fun year, 1980....

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