Mamba Construction 2007/2008

10/12/1997 Park General Manager Dan Keller.

10/12/1997 ACE Past President Jan Kiser.

10/12/1997 Park PR Director Leslie Slaughter.

10/12/1997 Mamba Artist Conception Drawing.

10/12/1997 Another Mamba Artist Conception Drawing

10/12/1997 Getting ready for Ground Breaking.

10/12/1997 Mamba Construction Step #1 Pick up Dirt.

10/12/1997 Mamba Construction Step #2 Haul Dirt.

10/12/1997 Mamba Construction Step #3 Drop Dirt

11/19/1997 The first footers poured for Mamba's lift hill.

11/19/1997 View towards what will be Mamba's lift.

11/19/1997 Same view, direct angle.

11/19/1997 Looking down at what will be Mamba's station.

11/19/1997 In a few more months Mamba's train will be pulling into the station!

11/19/1997 A footer form.

11/19/1997 Pouring a footer.

11/19/1997 Re-bar for footers.

12/01/1997 Close up on a support.

12/01/1997 Looking out at the Trim Brake supports.

12/01/1997 Track shows up on site!

12/01/1997 Support for the lift motor.

12/01/1997 Preparing to drill a support hole.

12/01/1997 Drilling a support hole.

12/01/1997 Pouring supports for the 2nd hill.

12/01/1997 Building forms for the 2nd Hill supports.

12/01/1997 One last look at Timberwolf without Mamba in view.

12/01/1997 Looking back towards the station, this will be the first hill and drop.

12/08/1997 Vertical construction begins with the station.

12/08/1997 Supports for Mamba's Trims.

12/08/1997 Look closely this will be Mamba Plaza with Flyover.

12/08/1997 The Cranes shows up!

12/08/1997 Doesn't a ride in this basket look fun?

12/08/1997 More Track.

12/08/1997 Timberwolf without Mamba in the picture yet.

01/05/1998 Vertical Construction begins of Mamba's lift!

01/05/1998 Lets go for a ride!

01/05/1998 Mamba Transfer's go vertical.

01/05/1998 Mamba Snowman!

01/05/1998 Lift a piece in place.

01/05/1998 Just hanging around.

01/05/1998 Another view as the lift goes higher.

01/05/1998 Jeff's Blue Period.

01/05/1998 Footers for Mamba's 2nd hill.

01/05/1998 Mamba's crown (top piece) arrives on site.

01/05/1998 Another view of the crown, notice the place for the chain.

01/05/1998 Mamba growing even taller.

01/05/1998 This view is familiar.

01/26/1998 The crown ready to be lifted into place.

01/26/1998 Going Up!

01/26/1998 Preparing to place the first piece of Mamba track.

01/26/1998 First piece in place.

01/26/1998 Here comes the 2nd piece to top Mamba off.

01/26/1998 Mamba has officially been topped off.

01/26/1998 Jeff hitched a ride for a closer look

01/26/1998 A great view of the entire Mamba footprint.

01/26/1998 Crain don't fail me now.

01/26/1998 Looking down on Mamba station under construction.

01/26/1998 A closer view of station construction.

01/26/1998 Here comes the train.

01/26/1998 Looking out at the base of the 2nd drop, notice the ground contours down.

01/26/1998 A footer for Mamba's helix.

03/10/1998 First Drop is done!

03/10/1998 2nd Hill a work in progress...

03/10/1998 What a big wrench you have.

03/10/1998 Station is also a work in progress.

03/10/1998 And another view.

03/10/1998 The bottom of the 1st drop.

03/10/1998 Do you think riders will notice that gap in the track?

03/10/1998 Base of the lift.

03/10/1998 3rd "drop" under construction.

03/10/1998 Base of the 2nd drop and heading up again.

03/10/1998 Taking a look from Timberwolf.

03/10/1998 This will someday be the helix.

03/20/1998 Track waiting to become head choppers.

03/20/1998 A second later and its all done.

03/20/1998 Morgan Rides: A perfect fit 99% of the time.

03/20/1998 Wow that's close.

03/20/1998 Base of 2nd drop, and "B" block waiting for track.

03/20/1998 Heading into "B" Block.

03/20/1998 Camelback footers are ready to go.

03/20/1998 Everyone's here now where's the party?

03/20/1998 Station is becoming more recognizable.

03/20/1998 Fly over supports are ready to go.

03/20/1998 Here's the lift motor.

03/20/1998 Who knew Mamba and Timberwolf were this close?

04/03/1998 Supports are ready for the double-up.

04/03/1998 Another look at the camel back supports.

04/03/1998 A close look at the lift motor in place.

04/03/1998 Here comes the track!

04/03/1998 Mamba plaza starts looking presentable.

04/03/1998 Transfer track under construction.

04/03/1998 Close up look at the finished helix.

04/03/1998 Welding away.

04/03/1998 Great shot looking up at "B" Block and the bottom of the 2nd hill.

04/03/1998 Finishing out the camel backs.

04/03/1998 Now that's a dive coaster.

04/13/1998 A first look at the queue line and station.

04/13/1998 More queue line.

04/13/1998 Trim brakes still under construction.

04/13/1998 A great view of the helix.

04/13/1998 Base of the 2nd drop with blue sky!

04/13/1998 What was that about a perfect fit?

04/13/1998 Camel back's being finished up.

04/15/1998 Great view from Timberwolf.

04/15/1998 Transfers and station.

04/15/1998 Here are the station gates.

04/15/1998 Station is now recognizable.

04/15/1998 Pay no attention to the footer under the concrete block.

04/15/1998 Electrical Foreman negotiates with the Mamba Electrical Controls.

04/23/1998 View from the top!

04/23/1998 Panel is ready to go.

04/23/1998 Extreme close up!

04/23/1998 Signage starts going up.

04/23/1998 Evil!

04/23/1998 View down the lift.

04/23/1998 View of the park as it was in 1998.

05/08/1998 Leslie Slaughter at Media Day.

05/08/1998 General Manager Dan Keller.

05/08/1998 Jan Kiser

05/08/1998 What?! no one in the best seat on the first ride?

05/08/1998 Setting up the camera.

05/08/1998 Hugh Mills gives Mamba a try.

05/08/1998 Steve Okomoto going for a ride. (41)

05/08/1998 And we all rode on happily ever after.