Attraction being reviewed: Zambezi Zinger
Reviewer: Ron Holzwarth
Date: 7/10/2003

Rating: (10 out of 10)
Well I was SHOCKED when someone told me the Zambezi Zinger was gone! I met a gal there, we flirted as we waited in line to ride it over and over all day long, in 1974. We went back to WOF together again and again, and ZZ was always "the place" because we met there,,, anyway, I should have married her, ending that young, innocent romance was just pretty damn dumb on my part. Anyway, ONE THING IS FOR SURE!!! Disneyland does NOT remove the rides that people will want to take their children to see. People LOVE to take their children to see the rides that they enjoyed when they were younger, and to relive their childhood memories. Disneyland simply refurbishes the old rides, so that they are enjoyed by generation after generation. So, of course, no trip to California is ever really complete without a trip to Disneyland. Also, the managment might look up the history of the "Giant Dipper" on Mission Beach, built in 1925 - closed after 50 years, restored and FLOODED with people that wanted to experience it again. Remembering good times is an important part of an amusement park experience. It is disappointing to see your memories gone.