Attraction being reviewed: Orient Express
Reviewer: Chris Romero
Date: 4/16/2007

Rating: (10 out of 10)
I road the Orient Express the season it opened. Being a Screamroller fan I definitely look forward to a longer experience of the same kind of ride. When the time finally came to get in line for the Orient Express the ride measured up right away. The line was in the right place. The burning heat of the summer made you beg your friend for some water for water. The sound of the and sight of the trains flying around the orange monster track made you beg to get out of line early. (but who ever did?) And when the ride finally happened the first drop made you wish you had left the water in the bottle! I swear the first time down the drop and through the loops I nearly pee'ed my pants! This beast was so much more of a machine, and a thrill, than any other in the park. The views on the top of the hills were just outstanding! The curves were crushing. The interlocking loops were fantastically disorienting and beautiful to ride. Even the ending segment of the Orient Express left you just enough time to recover and have a final shout and a laugh with your friend (or your ride neighbor). WOF will not be the same without the Orient Express. I am so lucky to have ridden such a well balanced coaster. I will never forgive Cedar Fair for depriving my daughter of the chance to experience the same wonders I had with such a fantastic roller coaster as the Orient Express. My hat and my heart wish this once mighty coaster fond farewell in the thrill-ride afterlife. (sniff)