Worlds of Fun Timeline


1971 - • Construction of Worlds of Fun Begins.
1973 - • Worlds of Fun Opens on May 26th!
1974 - • The Forum Amphitheater in Americana Opens
• The Red Baron bi-plane ride is added to Scandinavia
• Worlds of Fun Hosts its One Millionth Guest
1975 - • Dan'l Coon, Sam Panda and Grrrtrude the Gorilla, the park's mascots for years, premier at the park.
1976 - • America's Bicentennial Anniversary
• The Screamroller Added to Americana
• Bicentennial Square Added to Americana
1977 - • Singapore Sling (Bamboozler) Added to The Orient
• Wobble Wheel Added to Americana
• Bounce-A-Roos Added to Europa
• Nairobi Nigel's Pygmy Playhouse added to Africa
• Half Pint's Peak Added to Scandinavia
• Micro Moto Bahn added to Scandinavia
• Floral Clock introduced in Africa
1978 - • The Aerodrome is Added to Americana
• The Barnstormer Biplane Ride is added to Aerodrome
• Red Baron moved to Aerodrome
• Boat Tank (Tot's Yachts) added to Scandinavia
• Game Street U.S.A added to Americana
• The Safari is Removed
1979 - • Le Carousel is Added to Europa
• The Zulu Added to Africa
• Beetle Bumps Added to The Orient
• The Wingding is Added to the Aerodrome
• Funicular moved to Africa; renamed Silly Serpent
• Sunken Fountain added to Americana
1980 - • Singapore Sling Moved to Americana; Renamed Whirligig
• The Orient Express is Added to The Orient
• Nairobi Nigel's Pygmy Playhouse is Removed
• The Wingding is Removed
1981 - • The Incredi-Dome is Added to the Aerodrome
• Casbah Games is Added to Africa
1982 - • Worlds of Fun Celebrates its 10th Anniversary!
• Oceans of Fun, a 60-acre water park, opens on May 22nd!
• River City is Added to Americana
• River City Rampage (Fjord Fjarlene) is Added to River City
• Pony Promenade Added to Americana
• Viking Vheel, (Head over Wheels) added to Scandinavia
• Country Junction, a 1000 seat amphitheater is added.
1983 - • Screamroller Converted to USA's 1st Stand-Up Coaster and renamed Extremeroller (EXT)
• The Starbeam Music Machine opens in the Tivoli Theatre
• The Barnstormer Biplane Ride is Removed
• Typhoon and Frisbee Folf are added to Oceans of Fun
1984 - • Fury of the Nile Added to Africa
• Extremeroller Converted Back into Sit-Down Coaster
• Octopus Moved to the Aerodrome; Renamed Tail-Spinner
• The Schussboomer is Removed
1985 - • "Stax of Wax" premiers in the Moulin Rouge Theatre
• The Haunted Theatre Show premiers in Tivoli Music Hall
1986 - • Omegatron Added to Americana
• Half Pint's Peak is Removed
• The Aerodrome is Removed
• Silly Serpent is Removed
• Whirligig moved to The Orient; renamed Bamboozler
1987 - • Pandamonium! childrens' area opens
• The Sky High/Sky Heis are Removed
• Caribbean Cooler added to Oceans of Fun.
1988 - • Worlds of Fun Celebrates 20 Million Guests
• Python Plunge is Added to Africa
• The Screamroller is Removed
• Tivoli Picnic Terraces Added to Scandinavia
• Cyclone Sadies Saloon funhouse removed, and becomes an arcade in 1989
1989 - • Timber Wolf wooden coaster is added to Americana
1991 - • Beat Street is Added to Americana, replacing River City
• Timber Wolf is best wooden coaster in the World
• Fjord Fjarlane Moved to Scandinavia
• Crocodile Isle, a new area for children, is added to Oceans of Fun
1992 - • Worlds of Fun Celebrates its 20th Anniversary
• Monsoon is Added
• Coconut Cove is added to Oceans of Fun.
• WOF and OOF are joined via Same Day Gateway
1993 - • Wacky Worm is Added to Pandamonium!
• The Victrix Firing Range is Removed
• Aruba Tuba added to Oceans of Fun
• Wobble Wheel is Removed
1994 - • Sea Dragon is Added to Scandinavia
1995 - • Cedar Fair L.P. buys WOF & OOF from Hunt Midwest
• Captain Kidds, an interactive play ship for children, is added to Oceans of Fun.
• Cyclone Sam's is Added to Americana
• The Cotton Blossom is Removed
• Tram Rides are Discontinued
• The Floral Clock is Removed
• Marionette Show is Removed
1996 - • Detonator is Added to Americana
• The RipCord is Added to Americana
• Pandamonium! is Removed
• "Fins & Flippers" Canceled
• Octopus is removed
1997 - • Worlds of Fun Celebrates its 25th Anniversary
• Bearenstain Bear Country is Added
• Summer Spectacular Premiers in the Forum
• Zambezi Zinger is Removed
• The Incred-O-Dome is Removed
• Americana Entrance is Closed
1998 - • The Largest Addition to Date, Mamba is Added to Africa
• Octopus is reinstalled in Scandinavia
• The Scrambler is Moved to Americana
1999 - • Grand Prix Raceway added to Americana
• Coasters Midway Grill opens in Africa
• "Stax of Trax" debuts in the Moulin Rouge
• Forum Amphitheater re-named Heart of America Theater
• The Plunge is closed at end of season
• HalloWeekends debuts
• Hurricane Falls opens at Oceans of Fun
• Frisbee Folf is removed from Oceans of Fun
• Steadman Plaza Removed
• Orient Express de-rails on July 17, 1999.
• Torii Gate is removed
2000 - • Boomerang is added to Africa
• The Rock opens in Americana
• Bearenstain Bear Country Removed
• Either Oar Removed
2001 - • Camp Snoopy Added to Americana
• Steadman Plaza Added
• Camp Bus, Woodstock's AirMail and Snoopy Bounce added
• Omegatron removed
2002 - • Worlds of Fun celebrates it's 30th Anniversary
• Thunder Hawk added
• "Otta Sync", a traveling musical band, premiers at the park.
2003 - • Paradise Falls opens at Oceans of Fun
• The Orient Express is removed
• The Aquatic Arena (formerly the Dolphin Pool) is removed
• Carnival of Carnivorous Clowns and House on Boo Hill are added to Halloweekends
2004 - • Spinning Dragons is added to the Orient.
• Camp Gonna Gitcha, The Fright Zone and Lore of the Vampire are added to Halloweekends
2005 - • Worlds of Fun Village opens as the park's first on-site lodging
• Peanuts Playhouse added to Camp Snoopy
• Rockin' Reeler Removed
• Dominion of Doom and Slash are added to Halloweekends
2006 - • The largest capital expenditure to date, Patriot is added to Americana
• Asylum Island is added to Halloweekends
2007 - • Bloodshed added to Halloween Haunt
• Halloweekends is renamed Halloween Haunt
2008 - • Worlds of Fun celebrates its 35th Anniversary
• Master McCarthy's Doll Factory added to Halloween Haunt
• Camp Gonna Gitcha moves locations to Fury of the Nile due to Prowler Construction
• Outlaws Revenge added to Halloween Haunt
• The Concert Series returns as part of the new Celebrate America Festival
• The Oktoberfest Festival returns to the park.
2009 - • Prowler is added to the African section.
• Overlord's Awakening added to Halloween Haunt.
2010 - • Snoopy's Hot Summer Lights premiers in the Europa and Africa Midways.
• Cornstalkers replaces Camp Gonna Gitcha during Halloween Haunt.
• Road Rally (Micro Moto Bahn) removed.
• Head over Wheels (Viking Vheel) removed.
• Bounce-A-Roo's removed.
2011 - • Planet Snoopy replaces Camp Snoopy in Americana.
• Woodstock's Whirlybirds, Lucy's Tugboat, Sally's Swing Set, Peanut's Road Rally are added.
• Flying Ace Balloon Race, Peanuts 500 and Snoopy's Rocket Express are added.
• The Grand Carousel is added to Scandinavia.
• Festaus picnic pavilion is replaced.
• Peanuts Ponies (Pony Promenade) removed.
• London Terror replaces Dominion of Doom during Halloween Haunt
• Half Pint Brawlers show premiers during Halloween Haunt
2012 - • Zombie High added to Halloween Haunt.
• Fastlane, a pay extra "skip the lines" option added.
• Phileas Fogg (fictional character in Jules Verne's "Around the World in 80 Days") & Nellie Bly characters premier at the Park
2013 - • Worlds of Fun celebrates its 40th anniversary.
• Dinosaur's Alive added to Africa.
• Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun are combined into one park.
• New Slide complex (Predators Plunge/Shark's Revenge/Constrictor) added to Oceans of Fun
• Miss Lizzie's Chamber of Horrors replaces Master McCarthy's Doll Factory for Halloween Haunt
2014 - • Steelhawk added to Americana (opens in July)
• All Wheel Sports Premiers at Heart of America Theater
• The Wilburn Gang/WOFRR Train Robbery Show returns
• Boneyard added to Halloween Haunt (replacing Fright Zone)
• Octopus/Oriental Octopus removed.
• Ed Alonzo's Psycho Circus of Magic & Mayhem premiers at the Tivoli Music Hall for Halloween Haunt
2015 - • Splash Island added to Oceans of Fun
• Scrambler moved back to Scandinavia to replace Octopus and re-named Scandia Scrambler
• Blood on the Bayou added to Halloween Haunt
• Thunderhawk removed
• Krazy Kars removed
• Phileas Fogg character discontinued at the end of the season.
2016 - • Woodstock Gliders, a Larson Flying Skooters ride added to Planet Snoopy
• Beagle Brigade Airfield and Snoopy Space Buggies added to Planet Snoopy
• Linus Launcher and Snoopy Junction added to Planet Snoopy
• Asylum Island re-named to Urgent Scare
• Le Carrousel removed from Europa
• London Terror moved to Americana and re-named London Terror Square.
2017 - • New park gate opens in the Scandinavia section of the park
• Falcon's Flight introduced to Europa
• Mustang Runner introduced to Americana
• Finnish Fling removed from Scandinavia
• Big Game Hunt/Shooting Gallery removed from Africa
• Steadman Plaza removed from Scandinavia
• London Terror Square renamed Ripper Alley
• Skeleton Crew added to Scandinavia
• Winterfest festival introduced.
2018 - • Floral Clock re-introduced to Africa
• Nordic Chaser opens in Scandinavia
• Timber Wolf's 560-degree helix replaced with a new banked turn
• Peanut's Playhouse closes
• Chambers of Horrors Condemned replaces Chamber of Horrors for Haunt
• Khaos Unleashed replaces Urgent Scare/Asylum Island
2019 - • Cotton Blossom BBQ introduced to the park
• Pigpen's Petting Farm opens, re-using the structure of Peanut's Playhouse.
• Grand Carnivale Festival introduced to the park in July/August
• Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater debuts during Haunt.
• WOFRR does not operate for the 2019 season.
• Diamond Head slides are removed from Oceans of Fun at the end of the 2019 season.
• Last season for Winterfest.
2020 - • Due to COVID-19 Worlds of Fun does not open for the season until June 22nd and closes Sept. 7th.
• Oceans of Fun does not open at all for the 2020 season.
• Boomerang, Cyclone Sam's, Steelhawk, Falcon's Flight and the WOFRR do not operate for the 2020 season.
2021 - • Due to COVID-19 Worlds of Fun does not open for the season until May 22nd.
• Riptide Racers opens at Oceans of Fun
• ELI and WOFRR return to operation on August 7th