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Breaking News
November 5, 2016:

As of the week of Oct 17th it has been reported to us that General Manager and Vice President Frank Wilburn, is no longer with Cedar Fair, Worlds of Fun's parent company. We have contacted Worlds of Fun for an official comment but have as of this writing received no reply back. However, this news has been confirmed from a variety of reliable sources. We have been advised that Frank's replacement, from Kings Island, is already at the park and has begun taking on the responsibilities of the position.

It also has been reported by various sources that Frank's leaving Worlds of Fun will not be the only shake up in Worlds of Fun staff during this off-season.

Frank Wilburn became Worlds of Fun's General Manager in October 2006 and held the position for 10 years; he was unique in that he began his employment at Worlds of Fun in 1982 as a front line food service ambassador the first General Manager of the park ever to have started as a front line employee at the same park. Though it is uncertain what specific situations lead to leaving his position, it can be said that he truly attempted to move the park in a positive forward direction but one that never lost sight of its past as well. Frank Wilburn will be missed from Worlds of Fun.