Flying Dutchman
1973 - Current

Manufacturer: Intamin AG
Model Type: Flying Dutchman
All Time Maximum Capacity: 954 an hour

Flying Dutchman is an often overlooked ride at the park, but its quite fun and certainly historically relevant as one of a handful of original park rides, opening with the park on May 26, 1973. Riders board one of the ride's 18 fiberglass dutch boats, attached to a center hub by a steel cable. When the ride begins, the hub raises into the air, causing the boats to rise as well, and then begins to spin. Each boat spins through the air, but also gently sways with the wind itself, due to its flexible cable attachments.

Flying Dutchman was the prototype for its particular type of ride, and was one of the first rides manufactured by the young firm (at the time) of Intamin Amusement Rides, along with the company's famous double and triple wheel rides. Flying Dutchman was probably not as massive a hit as its double and triple wheels, but there certainly are many more of them left in operation today. There are approximately a half a dozen Flying Dutchman rides operating in the United States today including those at Six Flags Over Georgia and Kentucky Kingdom (whose cars are based off of dutch shoes instead of boats).

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