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Please be aware that this page is currently under construction and each ride and attraction will be expanded in the future to include its own separate page with additional photos and details.


Historical Tour of the Park Versions
2017 Edition | 2018 Edition

Moulin Rouge 1973-current

Since 2018, Moulin Rouge has been home to a musical revue showing in the summer months, and the Halloween-themed "Meat Cleaver High: Haunted Homecoming" running during the fall months. Moulin Rouge opened with the park in 1973 and has hosted a vast variety of other entertainment options over the years as well, including a can-can show in 1973-74; a wide variety of Delores Hadley's Marionette shows and vaudeville acts replaced the can-can show in the late 70's and early 80's and, finally, just prior to the current incarnations, "Stax of Wax" ran incredibly successfully from 1985 until 2002.

Deja Vu 1973-current

An appropriately named store that features retro toy merchandise, including Lincoln Logs and Light Brites. The store also carries a small collection of K'Nex "build-your-own" roller coaster sets. Prior to 2014, Deja Vu was the park's clearance store for many years, but has held the name Deja Vu since the early 1980's. Deja vu did open with the park in 1973; however, it was originally named La Petite Toy Shoppe.

Le Taxi Tour 1973-current

A popular family ride, with good reason, Le Taxi Tour allows guests 48" or taller to drive their own French taxi-themed car along the wooded French countryside, complete with center guide rail of course. Le Taxi Tour's four-seat cars were manufactured by Arrow Development and are still the original cars that opened with the park in 1973. Guests must be 48" or taller to drive while those under 48" must accompanied by an adult to ride.

Let Them Eat Cake 1973 (re-named 2019)-current

An outdoor counter service restaurant across the midway from Le Taxi Tour, Let Them Eat Cake is the second food service location in the park to serve funnel cakes, (with the first being Norma's in Scandinavia), while also offering speciality funnel cake options such as a "S'MOreo Funnel Cake and Birthday Cake Funnel Cake. Let Them Eat Cake also serves Fried Oreos and freshly bakes cupcakes and cookies. Let Them Eat Cake is an structure is original to the park, but in 1973 it was known as Le Poulet Bone Cafe and served French-fried chicken. In 1978 it was re-named to Cafe International, in 1996 it took on a more generic name and became known as Pizza Patio. In 2004, the name changed again to Bonnici Bros, and then again in 2013 it became known as Paisanos'. Finally in 2019 became Let Them Eat Cake. Interestingly enough, this restaurant originally had a back patio overlooking the woods that has since been fenced in and is now a dumpster area for the park. However, the tables and themed light poles still remain.

Flying Dutchman 1973-current

Located right next to Le Taxi Tour, Flying Dutchman is also an original ride to the park, opening in 1973. With Dutchman, guests board a two-seat dutch boat, attached via four cables to a center hub. When the ride begins, the hub rotates and lifts the boats into the air, offering a wonderful breeze and a nice view. Though a relatively mild-mannered ride, Dutchman does offer a thrill for those bothered by spinning rides. Flying Dutchman was the prototype of the Flying Dutchman-type ride manufactured by Intamin AG of Switzerland. Today, there are roughly only a half dozen installations of the Flying Dutchman ride in the United States. Guests less than 46" tall must be accompanied by an adult to ride.

Coca Cola Refresh 1973 (re-named 2013)-current

This small snack stand across from Flying Dutchman offers fountain soft drinks and souvenir bottle refills. Coca-Cola Freestyle opened with the park as a drink stand but was previously named La'Mars Libations, after Worlds of Fun founder Lamar Hunt. Lamar's was renamed to The Smoothie company in 1999 (but still served frozen lemonade), it was renamed again in 2009 to Twisters and served pretzels and drinks, and in 2013 it became a Coca-Cola Refresh station.

Autobahn 1973 (re-named 1995)-current

Europa is just chock full of original Worlds of Fun rides, and Autobahn is no exception. Autobahn is the park's bumper cars ride, and like all bumper cars rides is a perfect place to let out your road rage aggression. Over the years, Autobahn has been drastically changed; its course has been cut in half by the addition of storage shed/maintenance sheds on either end and the number of cars operating has been reduced along with it. Interestingly enough, Autobahn wasn't even this ride's original name, though it has never been moved. Autobahn opened in 1973 as Der Fender Bender and was only changed when Cedar Fair purchased the park in 1995. Guests must be 48" or taller to ride Autobahn.

Falcon's Flight 2017-current

Added in 2017, Falcon's Flight offers an aerial adventure 100 feet above the midway. Manufactured by Huss rides of Germany, Falcon's Flight is classified as a Condor ride, of which there are very few in operation in the United States currently. Riders board one of the 28 gondolas, attached to one of four arms, which is further attached to a central hub. As the ride begins, the entire 28 cars are lifted 100 feet into the air and also spin on two separate axis (the central hub, as well as one of four arms). It's not a terribly thrilling ride, but is quite fun. Falcon's Flight is interestingly enough the first new ride addition to Europa since 1979, and is actually replacing the very ride added in 1979 (Le Carousel). Guests must be 42" or taller to ride Falcon's Flight and those under 48" must be accompanied by an adult.

Heart of America Theater 1974 (re-named 1999)-current

A 3,500-seat open air amphitheater that has been home to the "All Wheel Sports" biker and gymnastic stunt show since 2014. The Heart of America Theater opened in 1974, then known as the Forum Amphitheater, it was inaugurated on June 16th, 1974 by a concert by The Harper Valley PTA and Red River Symphony, The Forum as it was known until 1999 was host to a multitude of musical and comedic acts from 1974 until 1997 and included such Famous names as Rick Nelson, Kenny Rogers, Righteous Brothers, Three Dog Night, Golden Earring, Lee Greenwood and many others. When Mamba was built in 1998, it summarily blocked off the back roadway to the Forum, and was one of the many causes that lead to the Discontinuation of the famous Worlds of Fun concert series. 1997 also saw the introduction of the short lived "Summer Spectacular" a laser light and fireworks show which lasted until 2004. In 1999, Coasters Drive-In a 1950's Americana Diner was added next to Mamba and in an attempt to "fix" to obvious disconnect from the theme, the Forum was re-named Heart of America Theater. As Heart of America Theater/Forum Amphitheater has never been moved and was originally designed for Europa, and for the better part of its existence labeled as being in Europa, we have decided to keep it as still listed in Europa, even though the park today lists it in Americana.

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