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Please be aware that this page is currently under construction and each ride and attraction will be expanded in the future to include its own separate page with additional photos and details.

The Orient

Historical Tour of the Park Versions
2017 Edition | 2018 Edition

Coca-Cola Freestyle 1979 (re-named/re-purposed 2014)-current

An enclosed Pagoda offers two Coca-Cola Freestyle machines which offers souvenir bottle refills. The basic pagoda structure was originally built in 1979 for Beetle Bumps children's ride. When the ride was moved to Camp Snoopy in 2001 the structure remained empty until 2006 when it was re-named Tibetan Treats and cooked and served kettle corn. In 2014 it was completely re-modeled, but retained its Asian pagoda-styling, to a Coca-Cola Freestyle.

Bamboozler 1977 (re-named/relocated 1986)-current

This large circular ride has been a Worlds of Fun favorite since its addition in 1977. Up to 42 riders board the ride's large circular platform and stand in individual pods that line the perimeter. As the ride begins to spin, it is lifted into the air up to an approximately 45-degree angle, while riders are left stuck to the wall by centrifugal force. Bamboozler was manufactured by Hrubetz & Co out of Salem, Oregon and it is what is referred to as a Super Round-up, first manufactured by the company in 1952. Bamboozler was first introduced at Worlds of Fun in 1977, added to the Orient section of the park as Singapore Sling. With the addition of the Orient Express (of which Sling's entrance was partially reused for) in 1980, Sling was moved to Americana and became known as Whirligig, at which time it was located in the same location shared by Omegatron and Thunderhawk. In 1986, with the addition of Omegatron, Bamboozler was moved back to the Orient and located on the pad previously occupied by the Oriental Octopus, and was renamed for the last time to Bamboozler. To this day, Bamboozler continues to use the same pad and queue house that was first used by the Oriental Octopus. Guests must be at least 46" to ride Bamboozler.

Panda Express 1973 (re-named 2007)-current

Panda Express offers many of the same menu options as those franchise locations located outside of the park, while also offering a much more limited menu. Orange Chicken is always on the menu, but so is Broccoli Beef, Sweetfire Chicken, & Grilled Teriyaki Chicken, with other options being switched in and out on various occasions. Panda Express also offers spring rolls and cream cheese rangoons. The structure that Panda Express occupies is an original to the park, which operated as a counter service option known as Rangoon Refresher from 1973 until 2006. The restaurant was updated to Panda Express starting in 2007.

Pagoda Soda 2004-current

This small snack stand across from Spinning Dragons offers Bavarian Pretzels, Nachos, Jumbo Pickles, cookies, and souvenir bottle refills. Interestingly enough, Pagoda Soda is an original name for the snack stand dating back to park opening in 1973 but it is at its 2nd location and 3rd actual structure. The current Pagoda Soda structure was constructed in 2004. The original Pagoda Soda was located in front of the Fins & Flippers stadium, where Spinning Dragons is today.

Spinning Dragons 2004-current

If Worlds of Fun was said to have a family coaster, Spinning Dragons would be it. Standing at 54 feet tall and reaching a maximum speed of 31 mph, Dragons is tame compared to many of the park's other thrilling coasters, making it a great ride to start first time coaster riders on. The caveat to that point is that Spinning Dragons, per its name, spins, or more so the individual cars do. Riders board one of the ride's five individual four seat cars, and are quickly transported up the lift hill. After being released down the ride's first small drop, the spinning can begin; since each car is set on free spinning axis, each ride is different and can either be a free wheeling, thrilling journey, or one that spins very little. A lot of the spinning, or lack of which, can be attributed to the distribution of weight in the car; the more off-centered the weight, the more the car spins, usually. The course itself winds and rotates around itself multiple times, and then crosses around the ride's central fountain, prior to hitting the ride's most sizeable drop (which is not very large), before turning once more into the station. Spinning Dragons was manufactured by Gerstlauer Rides out of Germany, and was their second installation of their Spinning Coaster model (the first being at Mall of America earlier the same year).

When Spinning Dragons was added, the first thought many had was that it was a replacement from Orient Express. Now, with the addition of Patriot, most realize that that is not the case. However, Spinning Dragons does incorporate the original light fixtures from the Orient Express queue line. Spinning Dragons is set apart from the other Worlds of Fun coasters in that it can be ridden by anyone 43" or taller, while those under 48" must be accompanied by an adult.

Rickshaw Richards Imports 1973-current

Located just adjacent to Spinning Dragons is Rickshaw Richards, a small retail store that features various television, movie and video game merchandise. Rickshaw Richards is both an original structure to the park, and has been a retail store, with the same exact name, since opening in 1973.

Torii Gate 2019-current

An original feature to The Orient was a Torii gate on the Americana/Orient border. Removed after the 1999 season, due to causing trouble with vehicle traffic in the park during off hours, the Torii gate returned to The Orient in 2019. A fixture in Japanese Shinto culture, the Torii gate is traditionally found at the entrance to Japanese Shinto shrines. Unlike the original version, the 2019 Torii gate is located on the Scandi/Orient bridge.

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