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Please be aware that this page is currently under construction and each ride and attraction will be expanded in the future to include its own separate page with additional photos and details.

Planet Snoopy

Historical Tour of the Park Versions
2017 Edition | 2018 Edition

Snoopy vs Red Baron 1974-current

This circular airplane ride has been popular since it's opening in 1974. Children under 54" can "fly" their own plane, on this circular plane ride, complete with 8 planes, fitting two riders each. Riders can control the height of their plane. Red Baron was manufactured by Bradley & Kaye and opened in the Scandinavian section of the park in 1974, marking it as Worlds of Fun's first ride expansion after the park’s opening in 1973. When Aerodrome opened in Americana in 1978, Red Baron was moved but retained the same name. When Aerodrome became Pandamonium in 1987, Red Baron was renamed to Pand-Am Airlines (a tribute to Pan Am Airlines); with Bearenstain Bear Country in 1997, it was renamed Kiddy Hawk Airlines. Finally, in 2001, with the renovation to Camp Snoopy, it became known as Red Baron once again. An inside joke among Ambassadors at the park is that during the time the area was known as Camp Snoopy the sign for Red Baron could be misread as Red Bacon, and became the ride's "nickname". Guests must be 36" or taller to ride Red Baron, and must be less than 54" tall.

Cosmic Coaster 1993 (re-named 2013)-current

Cosmic Coaster is a small, overall children's coaster located across the midway from Red Baron. Cosmic Coaster was manufactured by Pinfari of Italy and was previously known as Wacky Worm but was renamed and re-themed to Cosmic Coaster in 2013. As part of the renovation, the worm-themed train was re-themed to a rocket, while the gigantic apple was re-themed to appear like a planet. Guests under 42" must be accompanied by an adult.

Snoopy's Space Buggies 2016-current

A small circular ride, with 6 cars, seating up to four people each, this small ride rotates with each individual car "jumping" with each turn. Space Buggies is a great ride for parents and children to ride together as adults are allowed to ride, and must accompany any child less than 36" tall. Space Buggies was added to Planet Snoopy in 2015 and was manufactured by Zamperla Rides; it is more commonly known as a Jump Around.

Linus Launcher 2016-current

A slightly more thrilling ride targeted towards tweens and their families, Linus Launcher is a circular ride that riders experience in a "lay down" position and allows them to experience a type of "free flight" as the ride rotates and side by side cars move in a wave-like fashion. Linus Launcher was added in 2016, and manufactured by Zamperla Rides. The ride is mostly commonly referred to as a Kite Flyer; Worlds of Fun's version allows for 16 riders per ride cycle. Guests must be 42" or taller to ride.

Snoopy's Junction 2016-current

Snoopy's Junction is a small, family-size train ride, which is compact but can be ridden by all ages. Snoopy's Junction was manufactured by Zamperla Rides, which refers to this ride as a Rio Grande Train, it was added with the 2016 expansion of Planet Snoopy. Guests under 36" tall must be accompanied by an adult.

Snoopy Boutique 1997 (re-named 2011)-current

Located down the walkway from Red Baron is Snoopy Boutique, a large gift shop featuring a variety of Snoopy and Peanut's related merchandise. Snoopy Boutique is adjacent to Peanut's Showplace. The structure for the boutique was originally built in 1997 as part of the Bearenstain Bear Country expansion and was updated slightly in 2001 with the renovation to Camp Snoopy it became Beagle Bay Outfitters. In 2011, with the modification to Planet Snoopy it was re-named again to Snoopy Boutique, it has remained relatively unchanged since then.

Peanut's Showplace 1978 (re-named/structurally modified 2001)-current

A small indoor theater that features a variety of Peanut's Character shows and character appearances throughout the day and season. As the theater is completely indoors, it's a great place to either warm up or cool down depending on the time of year. Peanut's Showplace location has been home to a variety of theater experiences since the Aerodrome was built in 1978 and the Flying Circus Theater was built as one of its attractions. The Flying Circus Theater hosted a variety of shows over the years, including Delores Hadley’s Marionettes until 1982, Rainbow Brite, Cabbage Patch Kids and Shirt Tales in the 1980's, and Rain Forest Follies Tropical Bird show in the 1990's. In 1997, the theater was enclosed to become the Bearenstain Bear Country Museum, and was transformed back into a theater in 2001 with the introduction of Camp Snoopy.

Snoopy's Rocket Express 2011-current

An aerial tramway that takes up to four riders in a rocket-shaped car on a quick, elevated tour of Planet Snoopy. Manufactured by Zamperla rides, Snoopy's Rocket Express was added in 2011. Riders must be at least 36" tall to ride, and those under 42" must be accompanied by an adult.

Snoopy's Refreshments 2014-current

Guests to Planet Snoopy can refill their souvenir drink bottle at this Coca-Cola Refresh station located across from Rocket Express.

Peanut's 500 2011-current

Riders board one of eight Nascar-themed racing cars that rotates around an oval track and "whips" riders around the two corners at each end. Manufactured by Zamperla Rides and added in 2011, Peanuts 500 is a new take on the very old "Whip" style ride by allowing a small thrill to an otherwise small footprint of a ride. Riders under 42" must be accompanied by an adult.

Flying Ace Balloon Race 2011-current

Guests can get an aerial view of Planet Snoopy aboard the Flying Balloon Race, a 38-foot tall tower ride. Guests board one of 8 balloon cars, which can seat up to four, which are raised up the tower in the air; riders have the option to also spin their personal balloon car or allowing it to stay stationary. Flying Balloon Race was added to the park in 2011; built by Zamperla Rides and categorized as a Samba Tower. Riders under 42" must be accompanied by an adult.

PigPen's Barnyard Friends 2019-current

Though not open at the time of this writing, PigPen's will be an enclosed petting zoo, re-using the previous structure from Peanut's Playhouse.

Peanut's Road Rally 2011-current

Children and parents can ride one of the five Peanut's-themed big rig trucks around a small guided track. Each truck is independently powered, and moves on its own, but has steering wheels to allow for small children to feel like they are driving. Parents are allowed to accompany children, and are seated in the rear seat. Riders under 42" must be accompanied by an adult. Road Rally was added to the park in 2011 and is a Convoy ride built by Zamperla Rides.

Lucy's Tugboat 2011-current

A fun and slightly thrilling family ride situated just next to Peanut’s Playhouse. Riders board a 24-person "tug boat" situated on a curved track. As the ride starts the tug boat car begins to swing up and down the curved track while also slowly spinning. Lucy's Tugboat is more commonly referred to as a Rockin' Tug, and was manufactured by Zamperla Rides; it was voted best new ride of 2002 when it was introduced at the yearly-IAAPA tradeshow. Lucy's Tugboat was introduced to Worlds of Fun in 2011. Riders under 42" must be accompanied by an adult.

Sally's Swing Set 2011-current

A fun and mild ride that children and adults can ride together, Sally's Swing Set is basically a gigantic swing that can hold up to 12 riders at a time. Sally's Swing Set is better known as a Happy Swing manufactured by Zamperla Rides; it was introduced at Worlds of Fun in 2011. Riders must be 36" tall to ride, those between 36" and 42" must be accompanied by an adult, those over 73" tall cannot ride.

Camp Bus 2011-current

A fun and delightful family ride themed to a Camp Bus. Up to 24 riders board a small yellow camp bus themed car. Once the ride begins, the car is rotated vertically through the air and back down again. For those familiar with the Rush Street Flyer at Six Flags St. Louis (A Flying Carpet Ride), Camp Bus is a smaller, more child-sized version of that high capacity thrill ride, in this case manufactured by Zamperla Rides. Camp Bus was added with the Camp Snoopy expansion in 2001. Riders under 42" must be accompanied by an adult.

Kite Eating Tree 2001 (re-named 2011)-current

A small, fun and slightly thrilling version of the bounce/drop tower, Kite Eating Tree is quite literally Detonator's little brother, as both Kite Eating Tree and Detonator were manufactured by S & S (Power) out of Provo, Utah. S & S is a company that has been known for years for its tower rides. Kite Eating Tree is relatively small, and only packs a very tiny thrill, offering more fun and giggles than its bigger cousin. Kite Eating Tree was introduced at Worlds of Fun in 2001 and was known as Woodstock's Airmail; with the update to Planet Snoopy in 2011 the ride was rethemed to the Kite Eating Tree. Riders must be 36" tall to ride.

Peanut's Turn Tyke 1987-current

Peanuts Turn Tyke is a very basic circular car ride, complete with dune buggie, motorcycles, and sports cars. Peanut's Turntyke was introduced to Worlds of Fun in 1987 with the introduction of Pandamonium. Guests must be between 36" and 54" to ride.

Linus Beetle Bugs 1979 (re-named/re-located 2001)-current

Like Turn Tyke, Beetle Bugs is a small circular car ride, in which the cars are themed to lady bugs, that rotate around a small, undulating track. Riders must be 54" or under to ride. Linus Beetle Bugs was introduced to Worlds of Fun in 1979, as Beetle Bumps, and was at that time located in the Orient section, exactly where the Coca Cola Freestyle is today (the pagoda is the same general structure). Beetle Bumps was relocated to Camp Snoopy and re-named in 2001. Riders must be under 54" to ride.

Charlie Brown's Windup 1987 (re-named 2011)-current

A small circular ride, children ride in a small seat that, once the ride begins, circles the central hub. Charlie Brown's Windup was introduced to Worlds of Fun in 1987 with the addition of Pandamonium and was known then as the Swing-A-Ling. Guests must be between 36" and 54" to ride.

Snoopy's Yacht Club 1978 (re-named/re-located 1991)-current

Snoopy's Yacht Club is another long standing Worlds of Fun children's ride. Small children ride in one of six four-seat boats that rotate in a circle, riders can ring their individual boat's bell. Yacht Club was introduced at Worlds of Fun in 1978 to Scandinavia and was known as Tot's Yachts, located approximately where Fjord Fjarlene is today. Yacht Club was relocated to Pandamonium in 1991. It remained known as Tot's Yachts until 2001 when it was re-named to Snoopy's Yacht Club. Riders must be under 54" to ride.

Woodstock Whirlybirds 2011-current

A small version of the spinning tea cups ride, guests board one of six cars themed to bird's nests that spin on the platform individually and are controlled by the riders aboard each car. Whirlybirds was introduced to Worlds of Fun in 2011 and was manufactured by Zamperla Rides. Guests under 42" tall must be accompanied by an adult.

Woodstock Gliders 2016-current

One of Planet Snoopy's more thrilling rides, Flying Scooters is a classic ride that consists of 8 rider tubs situated around a central hub and connected to individual arms by cables. When the ride begins, the cars are lifted slightly and spun through the air, with each tub having a large forward rudder that can be controlled by the riders. Woodstock Gliders is more commonly referred to as a Flying Scooter ride, manufactured by Larson Rides out of Plainview TX, who began remanufacturing the model in 2002. The original design of the ride began being manufactured in the 1930's by Bisch Rocco, making this a truly classic ride if in a very new form. Woodstock Gliders was installed at Worlds of Fun in 2016, and takes of the place of Snoopy Bounce added in 2001. Prior to Snoopy Bounce, The Bearenstain Bear Family Treehouse occupied the space starting in 1997. Before Snoopy Bounce was Octopus from 1983 until 1996. The first attraction to occupy the spot was Barnstormer, added in 1978. Guests must 36" tall to ride, and those under 44" must be accompanied by an adult.

Beagle Brigade Airfield 2016-current

A great update on the flying airplane children’s ride, Beagle Brigade welcomes both both children and parents to board one of its eight airplanes that hang from a central hub. As the ride begins, the planes begin circling the oval hub and "whip" out into the air at each of the two turns. Beagle Brigade is better known as a Flying Tigers ride and was manufactured by Zamperla Rides; it was introduced to Worlds of Fun in 2016. Guests under 42" tall must be accompanied by an adult.

Family Care Center 1978 (re-named/re-purposed 2011)-current

Located between Planet Snoopy and Detonator, the Family Care Center was added in 2011, and offers not only an auxiliary Guest Relations separate from the main gate, but also a respite from the park for families with small children, and has a special room set aside for breastfeeding mothers. In the grand, Worlds of Fun tradition of re-purposing old buildings multiple times over, the Family Care Center structure was originally built in 1978 as a gift shop as part of the Aerodrome, and was known as Great Waldo Crankshaft's Prop Shop. In 1987, when the Aerodrome became Pandamonium, it was renamed to Pandarama. When Detonator opened in 1996, adjacent to the gift shop, it was renamed once more to Launchpad Gifts. It was renovated in 2011 from a gift shop to the Family Care Center.

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