1979 - Current

Manufacturer: Huss Park Attractions
Model Type: Enterprise
Maximum Height: 65 feet
All Time Maximum Capacity: 875

Zulu is a 65-foot tall spinning ride located in Africa, riders board one of the 20 cars, and sit tandem-style, either 2 adults or three children. The ride spins, and riders are flipped head over heels through the air in type of fast-spinning ferris wheel. One of the most memorable aspects of Zulu is that it has never had any type of rider restraint outside of the car itself, riders are kept in their seat by centrifugal force only. Zulu was introduced to Worlds of Fun in 1979, but was first manufactured in 1972, in Worlds of Fun’s case by Huss rides of Germany, which called the model "Enterprise" after the popular Star Trek series. Interesting enough, Huss wasn't the first company to produce an "Enterprise" ride, having been proceeded by Anton Schwartkopf's version of a similar ride, both were originally produced in 1972, with SChwartzkopf's being the earlier model.

Zulu replaced the previous attraction, The Safari at Worlds of Fun, a drive-it-yourself African safari type ride, complete with gas-powered jeeps and fiberglass wild animals. Safari would only last for five seasons and was removed after the 1978 season, and it's station would be completely re-used for Zulu, its the same queue house and station in use today.

Zulu is also well remembered for it's amazing light display, which originated with the rides opening in 1979 also. Originally, the front and tail lights also used to light up but they have not been functional for many years now.

The Enterprise was quite a prolific model for Huss Rides and was sold all over the world. In recent years, since the ride is no longer manufactured, parts have become harder to obtain, and as of 2019 there are nineteen operating Huss Enterprises rides in the United States, with three in the Cedar Fair chain, including Zulu (the other two are at Carowinds and Dorney Park).

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