Worlds of Fun 2017 Current Attractions

Please be aware this page is currently under construction and only includes those attractions original, or from 1973, that are currently in operation in the park for the 2017 season. It will continue to be updated as each attraction receives its own separate page.


Viking Voyager 1973-current

A classic family flume ride, Voyager has been thrilling riders since opening day on May 26, 1973. Riders board a Viking flume boat and take on the high seas, all ending with an over 40-foot slash down drop. Voyager was manufactured by Arrow Development of Mountainview, California. During the time period Voyager was built Arrow, flumes were incredibly popular installations and it's hard to think of a single park that opened in the 1970's that did not have an Arrow flume. In the four decades that have passed, many Arrow flumes have been removed to make way for larger, more thrilling coasters, and the classic Arrow flume becomes more rare with each passing season. Today, like in the 1970's, the Arrow flume still provides a fun, family friendly, slightly thrilling ride making it a perfect fit for a family theme park. Thankfully, the park has began to appreciate its importance as a signature classic ride and Voyager has received several major updates over the past few years including a complete update to its control system in 2016. (Prior to 2016 it was still operating on its control system from 1973). Guests must be 36" or taller to ride Voyager and those under 46" must be accompanied by an adult.

Tivoli Music Hall 1973-current

Tivoli Music Hall is currently used only in the spring and fall, and otherwise sits empty during the summer months. During the spring it is home to the park's annual Choir & Band Festivals (dating back to 1974). During the fall, it is typically home to a Haunt theater show; in the last three years, that has meant Ed Alonzo's Fun House/Magic Show. Prior to 2011, Tivoli was home to a summer musical revue show, which changed theme and productions almost every year. A complete listing of Tivoli Shows through the years will be coming soon.

Finnish Fling 1973-current

This small footprint of a ride is another Worlds of Fun original, in that it opened with the park on May 26, 1973. It's a very simple ride in principle. Riders board and are instructed to stand along the inside of the ride's interior drum. When the drum begins to spin, it increases to a maximum speed of 33 RPM, and at this point the floor drops out, leaving riders stuck to the wall by centrifugal force. Finnish Fling was manufactured by Chance Rides, and is classified as a Rotor; at the time of its production, Rotor rides were located in almost every park in the country- they were incredibly popular. To our knowledge, there are less than a half a dozen Rotors left operating in the United States, with Fling being the only operating Rotor in the Cedar Fair chain of parks, making Finnish Fling an incredibly rare ride. Riders less than 46" tall must be accompanied by an adult.

Scandi Scrambler 1973 (moved/renamed 2014)-current

Located right next to Fling is another original ride, the Scandi (or Scandia) Scrambler. Scrambers, unlike Rotors, were and still are incredibly popular, and are found in almost every amusement park and traveling carnival. Scrambler is a circular ride that moves in an egg beater-like fashion. Its popularity stems from the fact that it's a little thrilling, but also fun, making it enjoyable by almost everyone. Scandi Scrambler, like all Scrambler rides, was manufactured by ELI Bridge Corporation of Jacksonville, Illinois, the same company that built the Skyliner Ferris Wheel. Also, of interest, though Scrambler is currently in its original location, that was not the case for many years. From 2007 until 2014, Scrambler was relocated to Americana, in Camp Snoopy, while its original location in Scandinavia was home to the Octopus. With the removal of Octopus in 2014, Scrambler was returned to its original site, was given a massive renovation complete with colorful light package, and renamed Scandi Scrambler. Riders must be at least 36" tall to ride, those less than 48" must be accompanied by an adult.


Shooting Gallery 1973 (rename/re-theme 2008)-current

Guests can take their best shot with one of the many infrared rifles. When targets are shot, they usually react with some kind of sound or animated effect. Shooting Gallery was originally named Big Game Hunt and previously featured a jungle scene with gorilla that banged its chest when shot. Big Game Hunt was renovated and renamed in 2008; today it features a western motif in addition to a few of the original effects such as the hotel sign, piano, and sewing machine.


Moulin Rouge 1973-current

Since 2002, Moulin Rouge has been home to two separate musical revues showing in the summer months, and the Halloween-themed "Meat Cleaver High: Haunted Homecoming" running during the fall months. Moulin Rouge opened with the park in 1973 and has hosted a vast variety of other entertainment options over the years as well, including a can-can show in 1973-74; a wide variety of Delores Hadley's Marionette shows and vaudeville acts replaced the can-can show in the late 70's and early 80's and, finally, just prior to the current incarnations, "Stax of Wax" ran incredibly successfully from 1985 until 2002.

Le Taxi Tour 1973-current

A popular family ride, with good reason, Le Taxi Tour allows guests 48" or taller to drive their own French taxi-themed car along the wooded French countryside, complete with center guide rail of course. Le Taxi Tour's four-seat cars were manufactured by Arrow Development and are still the original cars that opened with the park in 1973. Guests must be 48" or taller to drive while those under 48" must accompanied by an adult to ride.

Flying Dutchman 1973-current

Located right next to Le Taxi Tour, Flying Dutchman is also an original ride to the park, opening in 1973. With Dutchman, guests board a two-seat dutch boat, attached via four cables to a center hub. When the ride begins, the hub rotates and lifts the boats into the air, offering a wonderful breeze and a nice view. Though a relatively mild-mannered ride, Dutchman does offer a thrill for those bothered by spinning rides. Flying Dutchman was the prototype of the Flying Dutchman-type ride manufactured by Intamin AG of Switzerland. Today, there are roughly only a half dozen installations of the Flying Dutchman ride in the United States. Guests less than 46" tall must be accompanied by an adult to ride.

Autobahn 1973 (re-named 1995)-current

Europa is just chock full of original Worlds of Fun rides, and Autobahn is no exception. Autobahn is the park's bumper cars ride, and like all bumper cars rides is a perfect place to let out your road rage aggression. Over the years, Autobahn has been drastically changed; its course has been cut in half by the addition of storage shed/maintenance sheds on either end and the number of cars operating has been reduced along with it. Interestingly enough, Autobahn wasn't even this ride's original name, though it has never been moved. Autobahn opened in 1973 as Der Fender Bender and was only changed when Cedar Fair purchased the park in 1995. Guests must be 48" or taller to ride Autobahn.


Worlds of Fun Railroad 1973-current

As one of the most popular family rides in the park, Worlds of Fun Railroad (WOFRR) is also an original attraction to the park, opening with it in 1973. Guests board one of four coaches and take an over one-mile tour around the park. The train has been and still is powered by a 25-ton steam locomotive named ELI. ELI was manufactured by Crown Metal Products of Pennsylvania in 1972 for Worlds of Fun specifically. Though "technically new" (in that it never operated in the age of steam) ELI is still powered 100% by steam; however, instead of burning coal or wood, ELI burns propane. As is the case with steam engines, propane is not the fuel that powers the locomotive. Instead, it is used on a catalyst to heat the water within the boiler, which creates steam, and moves the engine. Like many steam engines, WOFRR was named, in this case, ELI, when the park was being designed and built. ELI is named after a speedy Burlington Northern train route from Kansas City to Chicago that was likened to a similarly speedy Chillicothe Racehorse named ELI. Burlington Northern was an original sponsor of the WOFRR. Of interest, WOFRR riders are also spectators of The Great American Train Robbery skit at approximately the halfway point, and turn around of the train ride. The robbery show is only performed May through August and only until dusk. Guests less than 46" must be accompanied by an adult to ride.

The Orient