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Since this website has existed since 1997 it goes without saying that there is content that has existed since the idea of a "blog" ever existed. Today, our blog is over ten years old (originating in 2009) and is currently home to more recent blogs, editorials and opening day reviews. However, this is a place to find the ones that proceeded 2009. Please be aware that at the time my writing skills were virtually non-existant, and especially in the very early editorials the grammer is quite lacking. These are published exactly as they were when they were originally published.


11/17/1998: Cedar Fair's de-theming of Worlds of Fun
12/01/1998: The Importance of Ski Heis/Sky Hi (and other horror stories)
04/10/1999: Why is Cedar Fair dragging their heels when it comes to Worlds of Fun
07/01/1999: Theme Parks change. Get over it
01/23/1999: Is Worlds of Fun prepared in the event of inclement weather or crisis situation
07/28/2000: The Truth is Out There... or is it?
09/01/1999: In the Beginning... the construction of Worlds of Fun
12/08/2000: The Big Game Hunt Removal
04/06/2006: How Far We Have Come
04/18/2008: Mamba: 10 Years of Thrills
09/02/2008: Why Prowler will not be Timber Wolf and other stories from Worlds of Fun

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