Brochures & Great Times

August 23, 2018: Added the 1979 Great Times!

March 4, 2017: I am currently posting what I have on my hard drive. Many brochures posted below are not of the greatest quality simply because I haven't yet had the chance to rescan many of them (and are pulled directly from the images on the old website). Also, though only two Great Times magazines are posted below we are currently in possession of several more from 1975-1982 and as soon as I gain access to the files, and have the other Great Times scanned they will be posted here as well, Thank you for your patience!

All files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

1973 brochure
1974 brochure
1976 brochure
1978 brochure
1979 brochure
1980 brochure
1981 brochure
1982 brochure
1983 brochure
1984 brochure
1985 brochure
1986 brochure
1987 brochure
1988 brochure
1989 brochure
1990 brochure
1997 brochure
1978 Great Times
1979 Great Times
1980 Great Times